Shopping at Lidl for Christmas desserts

November 23, 2016
Glazed Lebkuchen from Lidl

I certainly got a #LidlSuprise when shopping at Lidl for Christmas desserts. There was a great selection of high quality goods and it cost so much less than I thought.

Christmas is a time for indulgence. Many families these days are spread out across cities and counties. Christmas is a time for being together. It is a chance to share fun and family traditions. Part of Christmas involves the preparation of Christmas dinner. When it is ready the family sits down, pull crackers and share silly jokes. Just being together makes the preparation worth it.

Another part of Christmas is all about the desserts. These are not just the climax to the main Christmas dinner when Christmas pudding is usually served. Christmas is also a time for sitting down with a cup of tea around four o’clock. Plates are full of mince pies, Christmas cake, stollen and other treats. Tea is a chance to charge your batteries after the chaos of Christmas day. It also heralds the start of Christmas. In our house we cut the Christmas cake on Christmas Eve so we could leave a piece out for Santa with a mince pie. Desserts are fairly central to Christmas.

Shopping at Lidl for Christmas desserts

I don’t normally shop at Lidl, simply because there are other stores that are much closer to me. Recently we were asked by Mumsnet to go shopping at Lidl for Christmas desserts and try out the range. I was happy to oblige as I was really interested to see treats they had. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of desserts available and also what good value they were. The layout of the store was well thought out as well, it was spacious and easy to find what I was looking for.

Mince pies and Christmas Pudding

First in my trolley were mince pies and Christmas pudding. Christmas is not Christmas without these. We love Christmas pudding in our house and normally buy several to have at different times during December. This Christmas pudding was only £1.79. It tasted great as well, choc full of fruit and bursting with flavour. The mince pies were £1.49 for twelve and these were also full of flavour. Santa would be quite happy to find these on his plate.

Mince pies and christmas pudding from lidl

Dundee Cake

I love rich fruit cake and often make my own. It has to be full of fruit and bursting with flavour. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a cake and we chose to try the Dundee cake (£3.99). Lidl do a good range of iced Christmas cakes but my husband is not a lover of the icing. This is a good compromise. The cake is really fruity and has plenty of nuts on the top. It was also lovely and moist.

Dundee cake from Lidl

Glazed Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen is not something I am familar with but it is a traditional Christmas treat in Germany. Also known as honey cake it’s origins can be traced back to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Lebkuchen is similar to gingerbread but much softer in texture. These Glazed Lebkuchen (£1.99) from Lidl come in festive shapes and different colours and make a lovely addition to the tea table.  They are also very addictive. I found I could not stop eating them.

Glazed Lebkuchen from Lidl


Stollen is another lovely Christmas treat with a German origin. It is a fruit bread covered in icing sugar and often containing marzipan. Lidl do both a large marzipan stollen loaf (£1.99) and smaller marzipan and butter stollen bites (£0.99). These are both very tasty but I found the stollen bites to be lighter with more flavour.

Stollen from lidl

Panettone Classico

We don’t normally have panettone at Christmas but I loved the look of the Panettone Classico( £3.99) from Lidl. Panettone is a sweet bread which comes from Italy, originally Milan. It is usually served as a Christmas and New Year treat. While it was nice to have slices of this with a cup of tea I have to admit I was not my favourite product of the selection I chose. It did make a change though.

Panettone Classico from Lidl

Chocolate Biscuit Selection

It is obligatory to have a selection of biscuits to choose from at Christmas and this chocolate biscuit selection (£2.59) ticked all the boxes. There is a great selection to pick from and biscuits that everyone in the family enjoyed. The biscuit selection did not last long at all and I will be buying another box for Christmas.

Extremely chocoalately biscuit selection from Lidl

In summary, I found the selection of Christmas desserts to be great value and there was a great selection. I only tried a few things from the range, there are plenty of other desserts in the frozen section that would make great show stopping desserts for Christmas. I would definitely shop at Lidl again and will be popping back to get a few more Christmas items.

Do you use Lidl? What do you think of their selection?

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Shopping for Christmas desserts at Lidl. Trying out some of the range of products

If you fancy baking your own Christmas treats why not try making your own Dundee cake? A nice alternative to mince pies are these coconut mincemeat streusel bakes which are a little lighter.

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8 responses to “Shopping at Lidl for Christmas desserts”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I always forget about Lidl at Christmas….I must pay them a visit. The Glazed Lebkuchen look and sound fantastic. So pretty too x

  2. I don’t like panettone either but when you manage to find an artisan one (of course, only in Italy), freshly baked, it can be a good option!

  3. Galina V says:

    I shop at Lidl probably once a year, as it is outside town, and would take me ages to walk there, since I don’t drive. Their Italian cakes are pretty good, and so is Stollen.

  4. Leta says:

    What a lovely selection! We recently tried the stollen and mince pies, which were impressive. And I totally agree on the addictive lebkuchen!

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