Zoflora Bluebell Woods Fragrance

May 21, 2012

There is something special about this time of year, walking in the country side and coming across bluebells. They are a sign that it is springtime and they are always lovely to see. The British climate is perfect for bluebells and you often see carpets of them thoughout wooded areas. They are protected in the wild though, so look and do not pick.

BluebellsI was excited to learn that Zoflora have launched a new fragrance called Bluebell Woods as part of their 90th birthday celebrations. Zoflora is a disinfectant product, which comes in a range of gorgeous fragrances. You can use one for each room, or choose one to suit your mood. I was delighted to be given the chance to try the product. Interestingly Zoflora was originally created for use in British dance halls in 1922 but quickly became a household favourite because of its fabulous scents and disinfectant properties. It has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses while neutralising odours and leaving a lovely fragrance in the room.

Zoflora Bluebell WoodsZoflora Bluebell woods comes in a lovely blue box with a picture of a bluebell on it. Inside is 120ml bottle of the disinfectant. It is a concentrated disinfectant so should be added to water, one 10 ml cap full will make up 400ml of disinfectant. It is a great space saver, the little bottle does not take up much room in the cupboard but contains lots of cleaning power. The disinfectant can be used in loads of different places, any surface like tiles, sinks, taps, floors, in your toilet or drains and even on dish-clothes. It is very versatile and it is godd to know that the germs are being killed as you clean.

I was not at all sure what the fragrance would smell like, I could not remember how bluebells smell. I loved the fragrance, it is a delicate floral smell but you can also smell the hints of the woodland in the earthy undertones. It is a lovely fresh scent and I love the way that you can smell that the room had been cleaned after you use it. It proves that I have actually been cleaning, not doing nothing all day! The scent lingers in the room for a while afterwards.

It is great that Zoflora is also safe to use on pet areas and pet toys, as long as you let the surface dry before you let your pet on it. My dog has some very well loved and well chewed toys and I worry about them harbouring germs. One wipe with Zoflora and my worries are gone. I use Zoflora regularly and have several different fragrances in my cupboard but this one is my new favourite.

In this special year for Zoflora the Good Housekeeping Institute  has awarded Zoflora their well-regarded approved logo on Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant for 2012. This is exciting news for Zoflora and to celebrate this news Zoflora are offering my readers 34% off a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine! This is a great treat and this month you will pay £29.00 for 12 issues, just £2.49 an issue with free delivery, saving of 34%.

To take advantage of this offer go to www.hearstsubs.co.uk/gh/AG72

Valid until 31 December 2012. Terms and Conditions are available on the website

Zoflora Competition

If you visit the Zoflora facebook page from 1st May until 4th June you can take part in the Zofloar Wipeout challenge which is being run as part of their 90th Birthday celebrations. You get to wipe out bacteria and germs using Zoflora to make the rooms sparkling and fragrant. There is the chance to win 1000’s of prizes. For more information visit Zoflora’s Facebook page.

The new Bluebell Woods fragrance is available as a 120ml concentrated antibacterial disinfectant, which makes 2.2 litres of full-strength disinfectant, at Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Wilkinsons stores from the start of May 2012 until September 2012 for just RRP £1.33

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