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June 26, 2015

Did you know that 57% of children aged between 7-11 years old are not able to swim? I find this disturbing as under the national curriculum all schools are required to teach children to swim a distance of 25 metres confidently. It is a skill that can save lives, you read so often of children and young people falling into rivers. If they can swim at least they have a chance to save themselves. In a bid to change this Swimshop are running a ‘Save a Life, Learn to Swim’ campaign. The Learn to Swim campaign sponsors Swimshop, swimming costumes and equipment online.

I love swimming, it is a relaxing sport. I made a point of taking my son to swimming lessons from an early age and it really paid off. He is now a confident swimmer and often wins at swimming galas at school. It is an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

If you have little ones who are learning to swim, I have a lovely giveaway from Swimshop for some equipment which will help them.

SwimShop Learn to SwimI would like to offer you and your readers a chance to win specialist children’s swimming equipment from Swimshop. Three readers can win a set of deluxe armbands and either a shark swimming float or a fish swimming float, shown in the picture above.

How do I win?

To enter the competition leave a comment on the blog below telling me where you would most like to go swimming. When you have done this come back and fill in the rafflecopter widget so that your entry is registered. This is mandatory. There are other entries available for following on twitter, visiting facebook and tweeting about the giveaway but these are optional.

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57 responses to “Win learn to swim goodies”

  1. iain maciver says:


  2. Michelle Banks says:

    at our local pools x

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    I’d love to swim in the Grand Cayman! The waters are turquoise and warm!

  4. ashleigh allan says:

    The water parks in Disneyworld!

  5. I would love to say somewhere amazing like the carribean but i am terrified of the ocean so i would have to be boring and say a swimming pool somewhere warm x

  6. I think it is so important to be able to swim, because it really can save lives – either your own or helping someone else that is in trouble.

  7. kim plant says:

    in the atlantic x

  8. Tina M Holmes says:

    My daughter would love the pink fish float, she loves swimming.

  9. Kim Neville says:

    Would love to go swimming in the sea in Mauritius 🙂

  10. In a swimming pool under a cloudless sky in Turkey on our holiday this year 🙂

    In Juliette’s school, they used to put all the ones who couldn’t swim in the shallow end to play and taught the ones who could swim to swim better – backwards logic or what ?!

  11. Paula Readings says:

    Bahamas. oh yes.

  12. claire woods says:

    Great Barrier Reef

  13. Jo m welsh says:

    The Great Barrier Reef

  14. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    Ooo definitely one of those amazing waterparks in a hot place! 🙂

  15. claire nutman says:

    Would have to be the Caribean xx

  16. Charles Moore says:

    Anywhere in this London heat!

  17. Kat Lucas says:

    Love to go back to Hawaii

  18. caroline walliss says:

    Maldives (Indian ocean).x

  19. Sarah Rees says:

    The Bahamas – pretty blue water

  20. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Always wanted to swim in Mauritius

  21. Corinne Henson says:

    On a beach in Hawaii

  22. ragan bennett says:

    I would be very happy with any waterpark, alton towers, Disneyland etc 🙂

  23. Leah Wheatley says:

    At our local leisure centre

  24. Samantha Wheeler says:

    In the red sea or I’d love to dive the Great Barrier Reef!

  25. Pamela Gavin says:

    Somewhere with blue water, little fishies and sun in the sky 😀

  26. Sammie Hodges says:

    Disney’s typhoon lagoon! Love it there!

  27. Natalie Crossan says:

    Hawaii 🙂

  28. Judith Luscombe says:

    I would love to swimming in the med at the moment in particular Majorca where its calm and safe for the kiddies.

  29. PAULINE HILL says:


  30. Sophie Buckle says:

    In the carribean

  31. leanne weir says:

    at our local pools

  32. Lisa Backhouse says:

    with dolphins in florida.

  33. Tammy Tudor says:

    On a californian beach in the pacific ocean

  34. Siobhan Davis says:

    Would love to take my children to Aldershot Lido it looks amazing my children would love it x

  35. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    In Thailand with the little fishes

  36. Jodie W says:

    before I went to centerparcs i would have some somewhere exotic like the Seychelles, but quite frankly now ive been to the subtropical paradise pool at centerparcs with my toddler I would love to take him back there again and again, we had hours of fun in all the different pools.

  37. Sarah Wyatt says:

    I would most like to be swimming in the sea in the Maldives – such a gorgeous place!

  38. Karl Borowy says:

    sea side

  39. Emma meacham says:

    We would like to go swimming at our local pool. My kids love it there.

  40. Jo Carroll says:

    In a tropical ocean somewhere like Fiji, but I’d be a little wary of sharks 😉

  41. Rich Tyler says:

    In the Indian Ocean 🙂

  42. Janet Carter says:

    Florida with Dolphins

  43. katie w says:


  44. aaron broad says:

    I like going swimming in the Sea

  45. Pamela Gossage says:

    The Maldives

  46. Keshia Esgate says:

    Love swimming in Centerparcs

  47. donna l jones says:


  48. Crystal Williams says:

    With Dolphins at Disney Florida 🙂

  49. Jane Oholleran says:

    We love going to the local swimming pool, it has a great baby and toddler section with slides and fountains.

  50. Diana says:

    In California 🙂

  51. christine nicholson says:

    Anywhere that’s warm lol. Hate it when the water is cold

  52. Keith Hunt says:

    A Disney Hotel in LA

  53. Maria P says:

    at the seashore

  54. Natasha Bowler says:

    At the beach in Antigua where my husband and I recently got married. Bliss!

  55. Monika S says:

    Our local swimming pool

  56. Em S says:

    In the dead sea for maximum bouyancy!

  57. Leanne Bell says:

    I would love to take our Daughters to the Splash Landings hotel at Alton Towers x

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