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April 30, 2015

It is hard to believe Eddie has been part of our family for over four years. I was a little unsure about getting a dog before we got him. It is a responsibility owning a dog, they need to be looked after, walked and fed. You are responsible for them and have to make sure they are kept happy and healthy. What I didn’t know was how much a part of our lives and our family he would become.


It is a joy to wake up to a happily wagging tail and to come home to be greeted with excitement. I have learnt to enjoy long walks in the countryside watching Eddie explore. He loves to chase birds and rabbits, with a woof, always surprised when they disappear. He patrols the garden and if any birds dare land in the tree he chases them off with an authoritative bark. He will happily bound on his toy and shake it wildly, then brings it to you to throw for him. He will snuggle on my lap for ages, just wanting a cuddle, his soft fur a pleasure to stroke. He has become so much part of our lives it is hard to imagine life without him. I do worry about him getting ill when he is older, or having an accident which is why I have Petplan’s pet insurance for him to help if the worst should happen.

Every member of the family needs to have a job from doing the cooking and cleaning to tidying their room. Eddie has a number of jobs, from cuddling you when you are upset to making sure that everyone gets up in the morning, whether they want to or not. Petplan have teamed up with PetsPyjamas to provide a lovely treat for my readers, one reader will receive £100 voucher to spend on the PetsPyamas website. All you need to do is to guess Eddie’s job.

Guess Eddie’s Job to Win

Eddie's job

The picture above shows Eddie doing a very important job. Can you guess what it is? For a chance to win £100 vouchers for PetsPyjamas I want you to come up with a fun job for Eddie based on the photograph and add a blog comment below letting me know what it is. This entry is mandatory. When you have commented on the blog come and fill in the rafflecopter widget to ensure your entry is registered. There are other entries available for following on twitter, visiting facebook and tweeting but these are optional. To get inspiration for possible job ideas have a look at the PetPlan video on YouTube, it made me smile watching all the animals.

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The Rules

131 responses to “Win £100 Pets Pyjamas Vouchers #MyJobYourJob”

  1. Nicki Evans says:

    Executive Director of Cushion Testing

  2. iain maciver says:

    a companion for life

  3. bev says:

    Listener to problems!

  4. Tracey Peach says:

    A Watch Dog!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    He will keep your ‘spot’ warm for you!

  6. Helen Battle says:

    I was going to say cushion ester but someone beat me to that one so i will say door watcher for when the children get home from school

  7. Isabel O'Brien says:

    CEO of Snooze corp hehe

  8. Tracy Hanley says:

    A pillow tester , cute dog 🙂

  9. debbie smith says:

    guard dog of the year ! xx 🙂

  10. kellyjo walters says:

    best friend for life

  11. Victoria Prince says:

    Official Sofa Warmer 🙂

  12. pete c says:

    keeping your seat warm ready for watching tv later

  13. esther james says:

    Chief snuggler


    Cushion flaterer!

  15. Natalie Crossan says:

    Companion for life

  16. kim plant says:

    a day dreamer lol x

  17. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    Leave a blog post comment letting me know what Eddie’s job might be based on the photo ……. cushion warmer – when the hot water bottle broke he applied got the job

  18. Is Eddie guarding the fish tank? Looks to me like he’s got comfy to watch something?

  19. Paula Readings says:

    People watcher.

  20. Hider of the remote control so nobody can change the channel when you go for a wee during the ad break !

  21. Karl Borowy says:

    lord and king

  22. Laura Anne Farnworth says:

    Waiting for the postman, then he tells you hes been.

  23. Leanne Lunn says:

    Top bed tester

  24. laura jayne bates says:

    chief sleep master

  25. emily omara says:

    cushion tester

  26. Sandra Omara says:

    A neighbourhood watch dog! No burglar will get past Eddie!

  27. Emma Gibson says:

    Man of the house!

  28. Maria Blythin says:

    a hear the grass grow job but not hear when needed lol

  29. Chrissie Curtis says:

    I think he is a pillow warmer and great listener.

  30. janine atkin says:

    cheif cushion tester and cheerer upper

  31. claire woods says:

    Product tester – he’s making sure those cushions are comfortable.

  32. Nicola McC says:

    His job is keeping your seat warm for you!

  33. claire griffiths says:

    cushion guard dog

  34. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Guard of mums seat

  35. Chief Comfort-Seeker!

  36. Karin Mortensen says:

    Chief Philosopher – currently working on the meaning of life 🙂

  37. Sarah Fawcett says:

    Cushion flattener

  38. Margaret Dunlop says:

    Canine companion for the hard of hearing

  39. Mary Heald says:

    To stop unwanted guests from using the sofa and staying longer than wanted

  40. Kathleen Bell says:

    Chief cushion flattener!

  41. Claire Nutman says:

    Sofa Security !!

  42. Holly Gibson says:

    Cushion warmer!

  43. Siobhan Davis says:

    Guard dog 🙂 and your best friend 🙂

  44. pamela gossage says:

    Guarder of cushions

  45. Claire Power says:

    Executive cushion warmer

  46. Karen Lloyd says:

    Chief sleeper. His job is to get enough sleep for all those sleep deprived adults in the house.

  47. Stephanie Lear says:

    Cushion tester. Only the softest pass!

  48. Marycarol says:

    In the first photo definitely a watch dog, in the second a tester of cushions

  49. S Bufton says:

    Cushion warmer 🙂

  50. Sinead ORourke says:

    Sniff out drugs

  51. jennifer thorpe says:

    a cushion tester

  52. Heather T says:

    Watching the kids

  53. Kelly Roxanne smith says:

    cushion tester 🙂 cutie x

  54. Lynn Ward says:

    cushion guard :o)

  55. Karen Barrett says:

    Executive sofa guard

  56. Leanne Masters says:

    Executive President of Relaxation and CEO of Cushion Testing

  57. Jill Webb says:

    couch guard I think,a very important job

  58. Helen Grayson says:

    A sleep tester – how comfy the pillows are for resting a sleepy head on to. 🙂

  59. Sarah Griffiths says:

    Tv programme reviewer for Heat magazine

  60. Steven Hartwright says:

    Pillow warmer

  61. Georgia Norton says:

    Cushion warmer 🙂

  62. Melissa Mitchell says:

    Eddie is a Counsellor. He’ll listen to your problems and keep your secrets.

  63. Anthea Holloway says:

    Eddie is a home watch co-ordinator, cushion warmer and furry friend.

  64. Janice says:

    i think a pillow warmer

  65. Leanne V Mckenna says:

    A pillow warmer, aww!

  66. claire blaney says:

    is he a pillow warmer

  67. Michelle Carlin says:

    Cushion Tester – he has to test them for comfort before his humans can use them! (Only when he’s finished, of course!)

  68. Rod Curtis says:

    Eddie is the ref in a cushion fight and is making sure nobody gets an extra cushion 🙂

  69. katrina walsh says:

    A pea finder? (He looks very Princess and the Pea perched up on all those cushions)

  70. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Eddie is obviously Chief Cushion Warmer. No one should have to suffer a cold cushion.

  71. Erica Price says:

    Chief cushion tester

  72. C Kennedy says:

    Resdient tester for the durability and bounciness of cushions

  73. Caroline H says:

    Armchair referee?

  74. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Master of gravity maintenance

  75. jodie yorke says:

    a pillow warmer

  76. Claire Davies says:

    Keeping the settee nice and warm for when their owner comes home 🙂

  77. Kerry Locke says:

    Chief kitchen Taster of anything meaty –

  78. leanne weir says:

    A Watch Dog!

  79. MichelleD says:

    A cushion tester!

  80. Claire Tucker says:

    Dunelms mascot

  81. Anne Nelmes says:

    Cushion Keeper – keeping cushions warm and safe

  82. Julie Howarth says:

    Cushion warmer

  83. Teresa Lee says:

    Chief Sofa Warmer

  84. John Tingay says:

    He’s clearly a professional listener – otherwise you’d just be talking to yourself 🙂

  85. Andrew Hindley says:

    Guardian of the sofa and the TV remote control

  86. Jorn Isaksen says:

    Obviously he’s a panelist reviewing dog food commercials and their suitability for dogs. After each clip he’s asked to rate how hungry the commercial made him on a scale from 1-10 barks.

  87. Sarah Rees says:

    Chief Cushion tester

  88. Helen Allan says:

    Chief cushion tester

  89. Claire Bingham says:

    House husband – as my house husband seems to think he can just lay watching tell all day

  90. Susan Hoggett says:

    Cushion warmer

  91. LondonREC says:

    Chief Snuggle Buddy!

  92. Rebecca Lis says:

    Chair warmer

  93. Emily Knight says:

    Protector Of The Family!

  94. Helen says:

    Professional Snoozer

  95. SARAH WILLIAMS says:

    Watcher of people

  96. Samantha Sugden says:

    A sofa comfort tester

  97. Gemma Snell says:

    plumpness of cushions tester 🙂

  98. katherine grieve says:

    Chief Settee tester

  99. Charlotte Cottam says:

    prince(ss) and the pea!

  100. Barbara madden says:

    telephonist waiting for those nuisance calls to bark at down the phone instead of the owner ,only he is exausthed at the amount he has had already

  101. Claire Barker says:

    I think that he is an aspiring actor, but at the moment he is resting!

  102. Fran H says:

    Conquerer of the cushion stack, awaiting his reward!

  103. Pearl Davison says:

    A hearing dog.

  104. DOLLY A says:

    Best friend

  105. Jane Middleton says:

    favourite spot sofa warmer

  106. jen louise jackson says:

    cushion plumper

  107. Keshia Esgate says:

    Chief Seat Saver

  108. Sarah Parker says:

    Head bed tester 🙂

  109. Sheri Darby says:

    Cuddly toy

  110. donna l jones says:

    sleep expert

  111. Chantelle Kemp says:

    Its a hard life for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, all that sleeping, eating and protecting the home. He definetly has the hardest job in the house, as does mine! haha 🙂

  112. susan thornton says:

    Cuddle dog x

  113. Kerry Kilmister says:

    Royal food tester

  114. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Chief Cushion Warmer

  115. Laura Pritchard says:

    Official Cushion Warmer

  116. jenette ogborn says:

    A sleep AGENT

  117. Sarah Lewis says:

    A comfy pillow tester x

  118. Gillian Holmes says:

    a lap dog

  119. Alisa Moore says:

    Cushion Warmer

  120. Lindsey Jones says:

    Seat saver

  121. Penelope Hannibal says:

    i think in the photograph he is doing his part time modelling job (I must say he does this really well & looks amazing), however, he is also keeping his wits about him should he need to step up during the shoot to his full time job of home security / owner & property guarding! – Phew a Spaniels work is never done, I think he’s very responsible & a good provider.

  122. Aaron Milne says:

    He’s got my job

  123. Nancy Bradford says:

    Doggy treat tester and face licker.

  124. Monika S says:

    Council worker

  125. Emma says:

    TV remote guard dog

  126. Hannah Whitling says:

    A listening dog for children to read to and help build their confodence

  127. tracy sinclair says:

    Chief Pillow Warmer x

  128. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    Cushion Softness Tester!

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