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The Wet Brush – Detangling Brush Review

I have shoulder length hair and often find when I have been out walking the dog that my hair has managed to get very tangled. It’s not even walking the dog on a windy day that causes this, sometimes I think just looking at my hair causes tangles. There is nothing worse than trying to comb or brush tangles out, it can sometimes take ages. I have been looking for a decent brush that can cope with this. The Wet Brush promises that it is the best detangling brush ever. It has been created to work on both wet and dry hair.

The Wet BrushThe Wet Brush has long soft bristles which make it ideal for use with all types of hair, it can even be used with wigs and hair extensions although I did not test this. Each of the bristles has a soft poly tip on the end to help it glide through your hair. The handle is rubberised to make it less slippery, which is great as you will be using it when your hair is wet.

The Wet Brush

The size of the brush is pretty much like a normal hairbrush, although the bristles seem to be a bit more spread out. The handle is a really nice shape, it is easy to grip and you can get the brush easily around your head. It even reaches the nape of your neck without a struggle. I have to say the Wet Brush works really well. It zooms though tangles in no time on both wet and dry hair.

When using it with wet hair it does not pull your hair like some brushes do, which can cause snapping. You can hardly feel it as it goes though your hair but it removes the tangles effectively. It works equally well on dry hair and it is a pleasure to use, removing tangles without snagging and pulling. The only issue I have had with it was that I left it on the side of the sink which was a little wet and some of the pink dye from the handle leaked onto the sink. This would not normally be a problem as I would not leave it sitting somewhere wet. Using it with wet hands does not cause this.

You can get the Wet Brush from Sally Stores nationwide or on-line at www.sallyexpress.com. RRP £6.95

Disclosure: I was sent a Wet Brush in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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