Wellness Dog Food Review

November 20, 2015

Wellness dog food is a range of dog food from Pets At Home. From dried to wet food there is something for every dog.

A dog quickly becomes a member of the family. Routines are adjusted to fit in time dedicated to their welfare. Getting up early to take them for a morning walk so they are content for the day ahead and sleep while you are out. Throwing a toy for them because they woof at you and let you know they want to play. Allowing them on your bed at night because they are cold, even though they get in the way.

My dog, Eddie, is a valuable family member. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has a very happy attitude to life but is a useless guard dog. He is quite content just to be with the family.


Wellness Dog Food Range

In order to keep Eddie in the best of health I like to try and choose food for him that I know will keep him healthy. The problem is that he is a very fussy eater. He does not eat much and I really have to tempt him with food some days to get him to eat. I am always happy to try him with new foods and on the lookout for something he really loves.

Recently Eddie was sent some Wellness Dog Food  to try out. This is available exclusively from Pets At Home. The food contains no wheat, corn, soya, artificial colours or preservatives. The recipes are full of real food like de-boned meat, healthy fruit and vegetables and are specially formulated to provide a well balanced diet for your pet. The wellness range contains both wet and dry food, so you have a choice which to feed your pet.

Wellness dog food

Wellness Simple

There are three Wellness products in the Wellness dog food range, CORE, Complete Health and Simple. Wellness Simple is a dry food diet that has been created for adult dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. If your dog has allergies it can be hard to get food for them so this is a welcome addition. Luckily Eddie does not have allergies so he tried a couple of other products in the range.

Wellness Core

There are two different dog foods in this range. Wellness Core dried dog food and Wellness Core Chunky Centers. Eddie tried the Wellness Core Chunky Centres. These are savoury pate dishes which have been topped with rich cuts in gravy. He tried two flavours, Chunky Centers – tuna, chicken and kale and Chunky Centers – turkey, duck and white sweet potato.

Wellness coreWhen I put the packs down on the floor before opening them Eddie was really interested, sniffing them and looking at me hopefully. You can see his ear fur in the photo, he was just so excited it was hard to move him. When I opened the pack you could distinctly see the two layers of food, it is a nice idea to have two flavours in one pack as it gives the dog some variety. When I gave him the tuna variety he gobbled it down, the food didn’t even touch the sides. He was not as keen on the turkey flavour but did eat it.

Wellness dog foodWellness dog food

Wellness Complete Health

The Wellness Small Breed Complete Health dog food is a dried food that has been designed specially for the needs of small breed dogs. It is mainly composed of fresh meat and also has ingredients to boost their energy and take care of their joints, skin and fur. Eddie loved the dried dog food and would happily eat this. As well as the dried dog food there are also the Wellness Petitie Entrée recipes in this range. These are casserole recipes containing meat and vegetables that can be fed alongside the dried dog food or by themselves as a complete meal. Eddie was not as keen on these but that is probably a matter of taste.

Wellness petitieI would be more than happy to feed Eddie this food, especially the Wellness Core Chunky Centres which he absolutely adored. You might also want to read about choosing the right pet toy for your dog.

Eddie was sent some Wellness dog food to try in return for an honest review.

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8 responses to “Wellness Dog Food Review”

  1. We worry so much about what we are putting in our own bodies, that we sometimes forget about our pets. I am all for great quality pet food.

  2. Glad to hear that they got Eddie’s seal of approval! Do they smell nice, I know some wet dog food can be a bit strong?

  3. DogsToLove says:

    Out of the three types, which did your doggie enjoy the most?

  4. Meil says:

    The dog is cute but quite picky. The one with tuna flavor looks good.

  5. Kevin Davies says:

    Alison, needed to compose you a very little word to thank you yet again regarding the nice suggestions you’ve contributed here.

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