Webbox Natural Range Dog Food

April 26, 2018
Webbox Natural range and dog

The Webbox Natural Range dog food is dog food made from all natural ingredients. It is full of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs to create a healthy dog food your pet will love. My dog has recently been trying out the range. Read on to see what he thought of it.

A pet is a big part of your family. They give so much joy with their loving and loyalty. It makes sense to give them the best food you can. It can be difficult choosing a food that you know is healthy. The labelling on pet food can be difficult to understand.

I have to be particularly careful with my dog, Eddie. He is on a strict low fat diet due to having Pancreatitis some time ago. Getting low fat dog food that he will eat is really difficult.  Recently I have been trying him with the Webbox Natural Range dog food. The range consists of dog food and treats which are made from natural ingredients which help to keep your pet healthy.

Webbox Natural range and dog

Webbox Natural Range Dog Food

The Webbox Natural Dog food range is full of meat, garden vegetables, fresh herbs and brown rice. The food is vet approved and made in the UK and Europe.  The range contains wet food, dry food and treats so there will be something your pet will love.

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Webbox  Natural wet dog food

The Webbox Natural wet dog food comes in small trays that are the perfect size for smaller dogs. They are made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours. The food itself looks like a pate and smells rather nice. There are four flavours, chicken, lamb, beef and duck.

Webbox Natural Range

Eddie is not a great fan of wet dog food. This is probably due to the fact I feed him a lot of home cooked chicken due to his special diet. He was not very enthusiastic about the Webbox Natural either. He had a sniff and decided it was not for him. I gave the dog food to a friends dog and their dog loves it. Eddie is just a very fussy dog.

The Webbox Natural dog food ticks all the boxes, it is low in fat and full of essential ingredients.

Webbox Natural Range

Webbox Natural Duo dinner

This is the first time I have seen wet and dry dog food combined in one packet and I think it is a great idea. Each of the Webbox Natural Duo dinner packs has a tray of wet dog food and a packet of kibbles. They come in three flavours, chicken, duck and turkey. It is a very convenient way to get the correct amount of food for your dog.

Webbox Natural Range

While Eddie was not keen on the wet food he absolutely loves the dry dog food. He carefully ate all the kibbles out of the bowl in record time. You can buy the Webbox dry dog food separately. This might be the way forward although it is slightly higher in fat that I would like for him,

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

The Webbox Natural Treat Bars (£1.59) do not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and have 50% fresh meat. They come in two different flavours, chicken with duck and cranberry and lamb with sweet potato and mint.

 Webbox Natural Range

Eddie was a little suspicious of the bar to start with. He sniffed but was reluctant to take it. Once I broke it into smaller bits for him he got very excited. He quickly took a bit and demolished it, then came back for more. The bar was easy to break into smaller bits so you can save some for later (if your dog will let you!)

Eddie was happy with both of the flavours and didn’t show a preference. I will be buying some more of these for him to treat him when he has been good.

Dog with Webbox Natuarl range

Dog with webbox natural range

Dog with webbox natural range

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What we thought of the Webbox Natural dog food range

I really like the idea that the Webbox Natural dog food range uses natural ingredients with a high meat content. I want to keep my dog in good health and so much dog food contains rubbish. Webbox is an exception to this.

The Webbox Natural wet dog food is low in fat and looks good quality. Eddie was not keen on this but he does not like wet dog food normally. If he would eat wet dog food I would be happy to give him this. It is low fat and looks nutritious.

I really did like the Webbox Natural Duo dinners. Having both wet and dry dog food in one pouch is convenient and makes it easy to give your dog a varied diet. Eddie loves the kibbles and happily eats them when I put them out.

The Webbox Natural Bars are a great treat for your dog. They are a handy size to carry about and you can easily break them into smaller portions if you need more than one treat. The flavours sound tasty and Eddie loves them.

Where can you get Webbox Natural dog food?

Webbox Natural dog food is available to buy on-line on the Webbox site. 

You can also find it in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco or on-line from Amazon and Occado.

Have you tried the Webbox Natural range? Let me know below.

I was sent some samples of the Webbox Natural range for Eddie to try. Our opinions (mine and Eddie’s) are honest and our own.

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