Walking in the rain

June 18, 2015

When you have a dog you have to take him for a walk whatever the weather. My dog, Eddie, loves his walks and gets very excited when he knows it is time to go out. He casts longing glances at the door and then at me, telling me he knows it is time. When I make a move to put my shoes on he will leap about happy that he is going. I love taking him for walks in the sunshine. At this time of year it is lovely walking down the lanes, with hedgerows and fields on either side. There is always something new to see, different birds or flowers. Often I see rabbits far ahead of me, running into their burrows as we approach. The dog rushes to greet them but always seems bewildered as they disappear. We love going on long walks and exploring the country park.

King charles spanielWhilst is is Summer the weather is still unpredictable. Last week we had glorious sunshine, today it is grey and blustery and the other morning I opened the door to take the dog out and it was pouring with rain. The sort of rain that makes you think that monsoon season has arrived, it pours down relentlessly soaking into your clothes. The paths are full of puddles and you soon find out if you have any holes in your shoes. There is still nature to be seen, the rain brings the snails out in force, gliding along the path unaware of the danger of being trodden on. These are days when you rush home, eager to get in before being soaked to the skin.

SnailWhile I was walking I soon realised my coat was not up to the job. The water soaked though quickly leaving me wet and shivering. The dog was fine, he had a coat that fitted perfectly keeping his fur dry and reducing the smell of wet dog when I got in. I realised I needed a lightweight waterproof coat. Lightweight so I did not get too hot, the weather was still warm but able to keep the water from my skin. Luckily Trespass came to the rescue with their Gerwins Womans Waterproof jacket

Tresspass waterproof jacketI love the blue colour of this jacket and think it looks stylish, the yellow zips adding a bit of contrast. It will make me look smart when I am out. It is also waterproof, the fabric will withstand 5000 mm of rain which will keep me dry even on the wettest day. There are other great design features as well, the hood is fully adjustable which is brilliant. I often find that hoods are too big for me and flop over my eyes so I can’t see where I am going. With this coat I just pull the cords and the hood fits perfectly. The coat is breathable to breathable to 5000mvp and windproof. This means I do not get too hot on a warm day or too cold when it is windy. It also has underarm vents so you can let air in if you do get hot. Best of all the pockets are water repellent and have zips which means no more soggy tissues when I am out in the rain. The only issue I found was that the zips were a little stiff when I first got the coat, but now they are fine.

Tresspass coat

I can now take my dog out whatever the weather and stay warm and dry which is ideal. I do hope that it remains sunny though, I would rather walk in the sunshine than the rain.

I was sent the coat in return for an honest review.

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6 responses to “Walking in the rain”

  1. Galina V says:

    You look very fit and sporty in that rain-proof coat. Lovely photos, Alison!

  2. Funny how dogs know instinctively know when it’s time for a walk, isn’t it!

  3. I love walking in the rain. Not really long hikes or anything, but a nice stroll in a light shower is refreshing and rather good at blowing the cobwebs away.

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