Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps

October 27, 2010

Sweet chilli chicken flavour

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a packet Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps to try.  I got the Sweet Chilli Chicken flavour but they are available in five different flavours.  These are Simply Salted, Salt and Malt Vinegar, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Flame Grilled Steak and Sweet Chilli Chicken. They are available in 150g packs and are billed as Extra Crunchy Crisps, the crisps for sharing!

Did they live up to the promise of being extra crunchy? They certainly do. They are a lovely crunchy crisps with a nice flavour. The sweet chilli flavour is just right and not over powering. Crisps for sharing? No certainly not, they are far too nice for that! Hide the bag away in your cupboard and keep them for yourself!Make sure no one else sees them or they will all be gone!

Which leads to my one complaint, if these are sharing crisps why is the bag so small? If you go to America or France you get lovely massive big bags of crisps, twice the size of this which are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Here you are not able to get massive bags, you have to buy lots smaller ones. Surely it is possible to make bigger bags? You could even get clever and make them resealable, I am sure there would be a market for that!

2 responses to “Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps”

  1. Jo Bryan says:

    Ooh I fancy Cheddar and Sour Cream. like crunchy crisps with a drink.

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