Waking up with a Lumie Bodyclock

October 23, 2015
Lumie Bodyclock

A Lumie Bodyclock wakes you up gently with a soft gentle light that gradually gets brighter. It is perfect for waking you up on cold dark winter mornings when you are loath to get out of bed. Read on to find out what I thought of mine.

I love the Autumn, it brings out the child in me. When I walk along a path covered in fallen leaves I get the urge to kick them as I go, delighting in the shuffling rustling noise. I still get a thrill when I discover a conker and release the shiny brown nut from its prickly shell. I love watching the colours in the leaves on the trees as they change from green to red and cold and finally fall. The evenings are starting to smell of smoke and it will not be long until fireworks and bonfires light the dark nights.

I love coming home to warming stews and hot soups of an evening, while the wind blows outside. One thing I find hard in the Autumn and Winter is getting up in the morning. It is so dark that all I want to do is to stay under the covers and go back to sleep. I would love to hibernate but unfortunately that is not an option. It does not feel natural to be up in the dark and it is getting harder to drag myself out of bed. It also takes longer to wake up and get going.

Lumie BodyclockRecently I have been trying out a Lumie Bodyclock starter light. The idea behind Lumie is that instead of waking you with a beeping alarm, it will wake you with a gradual sunrise. The idea is that waking up with light will adjust your body clock to help you feel more awake in the mornings making your day more productive. The Lumie Bodyclock also has a sunset feature to allow you to wind down at bedtime and go to sleep naturally. I was looking forward to finding out if it worked.
Lumie Bodyclock
I installed the Lumie Bodyclock on my bedside table. It was really easy to set up, just plug it in and set the right time. The time was easily set using the plus and minus buttons on the display and it took no more than a few minutes. I liked the size of the Lumie Bodyclock, it fitted nicely on my bedside table which can get a little crowded at times. I still had plenty of room for the pile of books, box of tissues and other stuff that gets stored on the table.
Lumie bodyclock
As well as acting as an alarm clock the Lumie Bodyclock can also be used as a bedside light. It emits a soft gentle glow and I love the sunset rays that appear on the wall behind the clock. It makes the room feel warm and cosy. The light is ideal for reading and not too bright.
Lumie bodyclock
I set the Lumie Bodyclock to wake me up at 6.00am. This is done by pushing the middle button once you have set the alarm time. The sun symbol on the clock tells you that the alarm is set. The idea is that the Lumie Bodyclock will start to light up gradually thirty minutes before you need to wake. This will make you think it is morning and wake you naturally. You can also set an alarm on the Lumie Bodyclock but I chose to use my phone as I normally do. I wasn’t at all sure that the Lumie Bodyclock would work but was surprised to find that I actually woke up naturally ten minutes before my alarm was due to go off. I felt much more awake and ready to face the day than I do when my alarm sounds. It was much nicer to wake naturally rather than be dragged out of sleep by a beeping alarm.

I have been using the Lumie Bodyclock for a few weeks now and have been very pleased with the results. It is lovely to wake up naturally in the mornings and I am much more able to cope with the stresses of the day. It is not so nice having to take the dog out in the dark and cold after waking, but he loves his walks and would be upset if I did not take him. At least I am now more awake when I go out instead of feeling like one of the living dead. The dog is always full of the joys of Spring in the morning and was not able to comprehend why I did not feel like playing first thing. Lumie lights are intended to help treat SAD so if you are suffering from the winter blues it may be a worthwhile investment. They are not cheap, at around £60, but they are very effective and I have definitely found my energy levels have increased since using it.
I won the Lumie Bodyclock in a competition and wanted to share my experiences as I have found it so helpful on these dark days. I was not obliged to say anything nice.

Have you got a Lumie Light or are you considering buying one? Do you find it makes a difference?

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  1. what a clever clock, I love the concept of it waking you up naturally. I think I need something like this as I am so grumpy and groggy when I get woke up in the morning as I still don’t get a full nights sleep off my son xx

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