VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running Shoes Review

January 30, 2013
Vivo barefoot trainers

Recently I was offered the chance to review some sport shoes from and I have to say I jumped at the chance. (or should that be run). I have recently started running and only have one pair of shoes which look a little battered. I was given the option to choose any pair from and I must admit I had a great time browsing the site to choose. They have a wide range of trainers for men, women and children as well as sports gear. You will find a large choice of brands as well and shoes for all the different sports you could ever want to do. Delivery is free and offer a price beat promise as well, if you find the same shoes cheaper elsewhere just let them know. The shoes arrived quickly and if they do not fit correctly there is an easy to follow returns process.

VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running Shoes

I decided to choose a pair of VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running Shoes. I already own a pair of Barefoot shoes and I find them really comfortable and totally suited to my way of running. In case you are not aware Barefoot running does not mean running without shoes. Barefoot shoes have been carefully designed to mimic running without shoes as naturally as possibly allowing you to work your leg and foot muscles the way they should be. It is apparently associated with less running injuries because your foot has the full range of movement. I wanted to try VivoBarefoot as I have heard a lot about them.  I chose the trail shoes as the paths I run on are pebbled country roads so I need some protection for my feet.  The VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running Shoes are RRP £69.99

Vivo Barefoot Running Shoes

I love the look of these VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running shoes, they look really smart although I am sure this will not last long. The material is lovely and stretchy and they fit snugly onto my feet without rubbing. My feet are very broad and I do sometimes have problems with shoes fitting correctly. Interestingly the lining fabric is made from 50% recycled plastic bottle which surprised me. The shoe have a 2.5 mm sole plus 4mm tread height so you are very close to the ground. There is also a 3mm insole, which you can remove if you wish. There is no arch support and no heel drop so your feet are flat inside the shoe. If you are used to running with support you might find your legs ache a little when you start using them.

They also fit nicely underneath the shin bone without rubbing. The VivoBarefoot Neo Trail Lady Running Shoes felt very comfortable and they are so light that you can forget you are wearing them.

I did like the sole of these shoes. They are made of puncture proof material and have a sturdy grip. Running on pebbled roads was no problem, I did not feel the sharp stones under foot and the flexibility of the shoe let me keep my balance when running on uneven ground. Even though the soles protected my feet I could still feel the difference between the different terrain types underfoot.
Vivo barefoot trainers
I really liked these shoes and I will be wearing them often. They are a great choice for the terrain I run in offering good protection for my feet as well as that barefoot feel I like.

Disclosure: I was sent some shoes from to carry out an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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