Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk Paste Review

August 1, 2012

Very Lazy Jerk PasteWe are great fans of Jamaican Jerk Chicken in our house, it is one of my husbands favourite meals. I was very pleased to learn that there is now a new Very Lazy product, Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk Paste. Very Lazy make a great range of cooking concentrates, rubs, pastes and chopped ingredients which aim to save you time in the kitchen and make your life easier. I have reviewed some of their products before and was very pleased with them. I always have some very lazy garlic in the fridge, it is so much handier than messing around with garlic cloves. I wondered if the Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk Paste would live up to my expectations.

I have a recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken which works very well and uses a mixture of jerk seasoning, lemon juice and olive oil. I am not entirely sure what spices make up jerk seasoning and I was interested to read that this paste blends Habenero chilli, brown sugar and all spice. I should have guessed that chilli was a main part of the ingredients as normally the seasoning is very hot.

I spread the paste onto the chicken breasts. I found the the paste spread easily but it was a bit difficult to get it to cover the chicken evenly.

Very Lazy Jamican Jerk PasteThe tube was just enough to cover both sides of three chicken breasts with a reasonably generous layer of Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk Paste. I placed the chicken under the grill and grilled them until they were cooked though, turning them regularly. This is what they looked like when they were cooked, served with savoury rice.

Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk PasteAs you can see it looks good and smelt good as well. Taste wise it was nice but it was not as spicy as the Jamaican Jerk Chicken I usually make. This has a very subtle chilli flavour but the brown sugar works well giving it an almost smoky taste. I did like it but I would have preferred a little bit more fire and bite. This is a personal preference however, I always add a little bit extra jerk seasoning to make it more spicy.

Very Lazy Jamaican Jerk Paste gets full marks for ease of use though. If you want to make a meal in a hurry this is ideal to have in your cupboard. You just need to paste it on and grill, no messing about making marinades. Its a great addition to the Very Lazy range.

You will find Very Lazy Pastes in Tesco

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