Valentines Day with Clintons Cards

February 7, 2012

Next Tuesday is Valentines Day and if you are looking for a card or a gift it is definitely worth having a look at Clintons Cards. Valentines Day means different things to different people. I know that when I was a schoolgirl we used to have lots of fun buying cards and writing lots of silly poems on them to send to the boy who had caught our eye. Now I still send a card to my husband as it is a nice way to tell him what he means to me. A card or a gift definitely makes a loved one’s day so if you have not thought about getting one yet now is the time to do so.

Clintons Cards have a lovely Valentines range and you are sure to find something there to suit. As well as cards they have a variety of gifts and wrapping solutions as well, all at affordable prices.  I was sent some of their range to have a look at and review.

If you want a card they have a lovely range. I love the Me to You cards like this one below.

There is a card for everyone with Me To You cards (£4.99), Boyfriend (£2.99), Husband (£2.99), Fiancé (£7.99) and Wife (£2.99). If you buy online you can even get them personalised.

If you buy a gift you will want to wrap it up. Clintons have a great range of valentines gift bags you can slip the gift into.

The small heart covered bag is only £1.50 and an ideal size for slipping a small gift, like jewellery into. I love the details on the larger Me To You bag, the teddy is raised and it would make any gift look extra special. This bag is only £3.00. If I received a gift in either of these I would definitely feel that I was loved.

If you are looking for a gift then have a look at the Lovable Boofle range. These are gorgeous little dog like creatures that come with their own message. The one I was sent came with a mug saying “You’re Gorgeous” on which is a message guaranteed to make anyone smile.

This is what the Boofle looks like, I think he is really sweet.

This particular one costs £12.99 but there is a whole range of the little guy, at differing prices. Each one had a different message. This is a gift that lasts beyond Valentines Day and will keep your loved one smiling.

For something a bit special how about one of these I love you Plaques which are £6.99.  They come with a message expressing your love in a frame which can be displayed on a wall.

This one has a message describing what Love is, but there are a number of different ones which allow you to tell your loved one what they mean to you.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself down to Clintons Cards and have a look before you forget about Valentines Day. Surprise your loved one with a nice card or present this year. These are available in all Clintons stores and also online at

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