Updating a Bedroom

May 17, 2013

We have lived in our house a long time, we were there when my son was born and now he is nearly thirteen. During that time his room has seen many changes and I wish that I had photos to document them all.

When we first moved in we did not have a child and the room was a study. It had benches all the way around it which was brilliant as I had a place for my computer somewhere to work. Then I got pregnant and we had to change the room into a nursery. We made a lot of changes, we moved the benches from this room into the spare room and I now have a study area along the wall in there.

When we first had him he slept in Moses basket beside our bed but then we moved him into a cot. We added a colourful border to the bedroom and a table where I could change him. The curtains were the same ones I had in my room when I was the same age. They are colourful animal curtains which added a bit of cheer as well as being a piece of family history.
A childs bedroom

As all children do, he grew. There came a stage where he had to move out of the cot and was ready for a bed. We chose a high sleeper which had a tent round it so he had some room to play. I also had a book shelf that fitted underneath and placed a pile of cushions there so he had a den. I remember the day it was delivered, he was so excited to be getting a big boy bed. The bed arrived flat packed but he was so excited that he refused to go to bed until I made it for him. My husband was out so I spent several hours with a screwdriver and a hex key, putting the bed together. He was so happy when it was done, although I was exhausted.

The other day I realised my son is now nearly thirteen. He still has the same curtains he had when he was a baby as well as the tenting around his bed. It is time to give his room an update. I took the tenting down from around his bed and got him a new roller blind and some curtains. All he needs now is some new bedding and his room will look more grown up.

Childs bedroom

What do you think? I know he was really pleased.

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