Christmas Gift Ideas from Treat Him and Treat Her

November 9, 2012

If you are like me you spend ages worrying about what to get people for Christmas, then leave it to the last minute and are in a desperate rush. In particular I find it very difficult to get Christmas gifts for men. Recently I found the websites Treat Him and Treat Her which helped my solve this problem. Treat Him has a great range of Christmas gift ideas for men and obviously Treat Her has a range of Christmas gift ideas for women.

I had a look on the site to see if I could find any Christmas gift ideas for my dad and my brothers. I always have real problems getting them presents and there are only so many socks and bottles of whisky that you can give them. The site is really easy to use, you can choose gifts by type and price and it will show you a list of things in those categories.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Treat Him and Treat Her

I had a good search though and found this Chain Bottle Holder RRP £24.99

Chain bottle holder

I thought this was really quirky and my Dad would love it. It is really clever the way the chain appears to be levitating in the air holding the wine bottle up. It would definitely make a talking point at the dinner table whenever he had guests visiting and is a very different Christmas gift.

When looking for something for my brother I found this really unusual Melting Shelf Clock RRP £9.99
Melting clock

It has a really modern art look about it, it looks as though it is dripping off the shelf. You can still read the time clearly though which is the point. This would create a talking point if you had this on the shelf in the living room and I am sure that my brother would love it.

If you want something a bit more personal Treat Him and Treat Her also have a range of personalised gifts. I love this mug which would be a great gift for my son to give his dad

Godfather mug

It is RRP £12.99 and obviously you can customise it with any name. My husband loves The Godfather so he would definitely appreciate this.

Let’s not forget mum though, Treat Her has a fabulous selection to choose from. I am going to put this Little Black Pampering Kit on my Christmas list.

Perfect for pampering after a busy Christmas day. Do go and have a browse, there are plenty of Christmas Gift Ideas to choose from. Do you have anyone that it is difficult to get presents for? Have you had to get presents at the last possibly second? I would love to know.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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