Two New Dining Experiences in Newcastle

September 25, 2014

I love going for meals out and trying new restaurants. Not long ago we tried out the Powder Monkey which is a Sizzling Pub with a great range of food. Last night I got to try out something different. Thanks to Tweet 4 a Table the family was able to experience a pop up restaurant in the centre of Newcastle.

Tweet 4 a Table

Tweet 4 a Table is a pop up restaurant which has been visiting various cities around the UK and for the next couple of days it can be found in Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you are on twitter you can tweet and ask if you can have a table. Lucky winners will be invited to come and have a free meal for four. I was very surprised when I won and was looking forward to trying the food. The family were rather unsure what a pop up restaurant would be like and it was a source of speculation as we travelled there. We found it easily, on Grainger Street under the shadow of Grey’s monument and looking colourful among the classic buildings that line the streets of Newcastle. My husband stood outside for a minute while we worked out where to enter.

Tweet 4 a table NewcastleOutside ladies were giving out muffins and information about Tweet 4 a Table to the passers by. We went in to be greeted cheerfully. We had a secret code which we had to give in order to get our meal and were then shown to a table. There was plenty to choose from on the menu, Pasta Bake, different varieties of pulled pork and burgers. Each of the mains came with a side of fries, coleslaw fries, spring onion fries or onion rings. A soft drink was also included. The interior was quite cosy and you did not feel that people were watching you dine.

nachos at tweet 4 a tableWe were pleasantly surprised to be handed a starter of nachos with lashing of guacamole, salsa and sour cream served in a plastic basket. We had two portions between the four of us and they were really tasty. There was more than enough for all four of us. The same with the main course, I had the Head Honcho burger with coleslaw fries. The pork was melting and delicious and there was almost too much to eat.

Food at tweet 4 a tableWe had a great meal and never felt rushed. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the food was gorgeous. Tweet 4 a Table is here for another couple of days so why not get tweeting? I am glad I did


Miller & Carter Steak House

As I have been travelling along Grey Street I have been watching one of the buildings gradually undergoing a transformation. The boards have been over the windows for weeks but now I have found out that the latest addition to Newcastle’s Restaurant scene will be opening it’s doors tomorrow. Miller & Carter Steak House. The Miller & Carter team take great pride in being steak geeks, they receive specialist training and a number of the team have to attend an exclusive bespoke two day steak school experience. This results in tasty steaks.

The steaks at Miller & Carter come from beef that has been ages for 30 days, using wet and dry techniques to provided the optimum succulence. The menu had nine cuts of meat to choose from, including fillet, ribeye and Chateaubriand. Each steak is served with a choice of sauce like British Beef dripping, Chimichuri, Calvados peppercorn or Creamy mushroom chasseur. There are plenty of steak extras as well like Lobster Mac & Cheese or Creamed Spinach and Fried Egg. All the meat is Red Tractor approved which means it comes from British farms and meets high standards of quality. I am definitely going to have to try and visit soon.

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I wish I visited Newcastle more…lol
    The food from Tweet 4 a Table looks delicious x

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