The Discovery Adventures Podcast by Land Rover

November 14, 2017
Standing stones at Duddo

The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover is a mystery drama set in Britain. Listen to it on your family adventures to bring British landscape to life.

Britain is an amazing country. There is so much to discover around every corner. From prehistoric artifacts like Stonehenge to amazing natural wonders like Cheddar Gorge. It would take a lifetime to discover all the wonders that Britain has to offer.

Standing stones at Duddo

As a family, we love to have adventures. There is nothing more exciting than setting off in the car to discover somewhere new. It doesn’t matter if it is around the corner or a long drive. Having an adventure as a family is a way to build memories that will last for years to come. Tracking down the standing stones at Duddo was one of these adventures we still talk about.

The Discovery Adventures Podcast by Land Rover

Land Rover understand how important it is to have adventures as a family. They understand that life is often busy. The Discovery Adventures aim to encourage people to get out and explore. A small micro adventure can be just as enjoyable as a long trek.

The Discovery Adventures by Land Rover is a mystery drama you can listen to whilst in your car. The podcasts feature an all-star cast of acting talent and outdoor experts. The recordings take place in different locations around Britain. The plot is carefully woven together with facts about the area. The aim of the podcasts is to spark conversation. They will make travelling to your adventure more interesting. The whole family will enjoy them.

Forest Drive at Kielder Water

We used to have a Land Rover and loved to get off the beaten track. The most exciting adventure was travelling along the forest path in Kielder Water. I was so glad we had four-wheel drive.

Listening to the podcasts

Travelling by car can be tedious especially a long distance drive. The Discovery Adventures is a great thing to listen to while you travel. In the story, Sam goes to spend the week with his uncle who is going to teach him all about the great outdoors. They end up crossing Britain, discovering some of its well-known tourist spots. They are hot on the trail of some spies who have brought down the GPS system. Will they solve the mystery and save the day? You will have to listen to find out.
The podcasts are absorbing listening. They have been created using binaural sound. The sound recording uses two microphones which creates a three-dimensional sound effect. It makes it feel like you are in the landscape. You can hear the deer clashing antlers and the bat fluttering in the cave as if you are there. It makes the experience more real.


Each of the podcasts is set in a different landmark around Britain. They are full of fascinating facts that help bring the area to life and teach you more about it. Many of the landmarks were familiar to me like Dartmoor and Mother Shipton’s Cave. Some I hadn’t heard of like Savernake Forest. The Big Belly Oak has stood here since the time of William the Conqueror. The podcasts made me want to get out and explore more of Britain. They certainly help make car adventures more fun.

What I thought of the Discovery Adventures Podcast

The Discovery Adventures podcasts really highlight some of the amazing places that Britain has to discover. The story is absorbing and you really do want to listen to the next one to find out what happens. They are really well put together and they are a great way to encourage people to get out and explore.

If you need something to listen to whilst in the car you should give these a go. It will make your travels more interesting.

Have you had any family adventures recently? Would you listen to a podcast like this? Let me know below.

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