The Best Home Improvements For The First Year Of Living In A Property

August 7, 2019

Contributive Post

Very few moments in life match the excitement of picking up the keys to your new home and opening the door to a new chapter. However, when stepping into the new home, it’s inevitable that there will be a number of cosmetic and minor functional issues that need treating. 

It will take several years to get the home looking perfect, which is why you need to prioritise the workload. Here are five items that should be on the agenda from the start. 

Picking a colour theme

The colour scheme is the first thing you notice about any room. If you want to set the tone in a winning fashion, getting this aspect right is essential. Even if the furniture you already possess isn’t the perfect match, you can attend to this over the coming months. Meanwhile, the use of feature wall murals and other elements can add fresh energy to the room. Better still, prepping and painting the walls is one of the easiest home upgrade jobs you could ever look to take on.

Switching to LED lights

Going green is a priority for many homeowners, not least because it can save money as well as the planet. The sooner you make the upgrades, the sooner you can feel the benefits. Still, opting for energy-efficient toilets and appliances can wait for a few months. In the meantime, switching from incandescent to LED lightbulbs is a cheap and easy job. Aside from boosting the efficiency, it improves the lighting of rooms to produce consistency throughout the home.

Encourage Natural Lighting 

Ensuring that the home has enough natural lighting is an essential task that will make the home feel a lot happier. Dressing the windows in an appropriate manner is vital. Meanwhile, appreciating where the sun rises and sets may guide you to picking an appropriate layout for where each room should be located. If the garden is hindered by large vegetation, tree surgeons can take care of those problems fast and efficiently. Removing the blockage will work wonders. 

Find More Storage

Once you move in, living out of boxes for a few days can feel quite frustrating. But it’s far worse when you discover that the storage facilities aren’t up to scratch. Ideas include updating the inside of the built-in wardrobes, adding coat hooks behind doors, and using the space under the stairs. These simple jobs, along with using shelving and TV wall brackets to claw back more floor space can make a big impact to your new home environment.

Add Better Security

Your new home is the family’s castle. However, it’s impossible to feel at home until you know that your safety is under control. Changing the locks, adding CCTV, using automated gates, and creating better garden lighting all help. Aside from deterring burglars and providing peace of mind, this can lead to reduced home insurance costs. Frankly, this is one of the most important upgrades of all, which is why you need to complete the job ASAP. You won’t regret it.

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