Ten things you didn’t know about Hotter Shoes

May 5, 2016

Hotter Shoes make comfortable stylish shoes for all sizes of feet. Here are then things you didn’t know about Hotter Shoes.

I am firmly of the opinion a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. After all you need a style for every occasion. You may get invited to a do which requires a pair of smart heels or just need a comfy pair of flats for everyday use.

I have been a big fan of Hotter Shoes since I tried a pair last year.  Not only  are Hotter Shoes really comfortable, they also helped me rescue a hedgehog. The shoes have also lasted well and are the most comfy pair I own.

Recently I was invited to a blogging event at the Hotter Shoes store in Newcastle to learn more about Hotter Shoes and was excited to go along. I hadn’t realised there was a Hotter Shoes store in Newcastle. I must have walked past the entrance to it in Eldon Square loads of times without realising. I will not be walking past again.

Hotter Shoes Range

It was lovely meeting up with some other bloggers, some I knew and some I met for the first time. We had the shop to ourselves and some drinks and nibbles were provided. It gave us a good chance to have a look at the range of shoes that Hotter Shoes make. A number of pairs caught my eye, these Hattie wedges with leather uppers and little flowers have a lovely summery feel to them. The peep toe and cork wedge is bang on trend and they would look stylish with most outfits.

Hotter Shoes - Hattie

I also loved these Donna heels which came in a range of colours. These would look smart with skinny jeans or a dress and had a Cinderella feel about them. The heels are a nice size as well, they are not too high or too skinny. I don’t wear heels often but these were really comfortable. I could easily wear these all day without getting sore feet.

Hotter Shoes - Donna hels

I tend to wear flat shoes most often as they are practical. I do a lot of walking most days, taking the dog out for long walks as well as popping to the shops or going on walking tours. I also find it much easier to drive in flat shoes. Hotter Shoes have a wide selection of flat shoes that look stylish. I loved these Mexico Shoes with their lovely pastel colours and design. They were beautifully soft as well, it almost felt as if they were not there.

Hotter Shoes - Mexico

These Peony shoes also caught my eye, with its floral embellishments it looks really feminine and stylish. I hadn’t realised that Hotter shoes also did handbags. Most of these matched the shoes and Peony shoes and handbag would look stunning together.


As well as looking stylish each pair of Hotter Shoes comes with hidden comfort features. The shoes are designed to be light weight and a sole filled with air bubbles helps with this, as well as giving you the feeling of walking on air. Other design features are the memorise insoles which are made of foam to be comfortable for your feet. The seams of the shoes are designed to be flat so they don’t rub. All these features make the shoes easy to wear all day. I hadn’t realised Hotter Shoes also sell Gore Tex Shoes, a weather proof collection which is perfect for rambling or walking long distances. The comfort technology would certainly help if you have a long distance to travel on foot.

Choosing a pair of Hotter Shoes

You can imagine the excitement as a group of lady bloggers were given the chance to try on Hotter shoes and select a style that was best for them. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make as there were so many lovely pairs. Luckily the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and worked hard making sure we picked the perfect pair.

When trying on the shoes I noticed how well the shop was designed. The chairs are comfortable and the right height for trying shoes on. There are mirrors discretely positioned so you can see how the shoes look and at no time did we feel rushed. When trying on the shoes I really appreciated that the shoes come in half sizes and extra wide fittings.

Having wide feet I usually have problems getting shoes to fit, but with Hotter Shoes this was not the case. I finally chose this pair of Natasha shoes. What do you think of my choice? I am really pleased with them, they are so comfortable to wear and look smart as well.

Hotter Shoes - Natasha

Ten things you didn’t know about Hotter Shoes

  1. Hotter Shoes started in 1959, as a slipper company. In the 1990’s they took everything they learnt about making comfortable slippers and applied it to making shoes.
  2. Hotter are passionate about their shoes and make sure all their staff are experts so you get the perfect fit.
  3. Hotter Shoes are a British Company and most of their shoes are made at their factory in Lancashire.
  4. The new collections of Hotter Shoes are influenced by seasonal trends. They are stylish and you will find colours to match anything you buy on the High Street.
  5. All Hotter Shoes contain hidden comfort features to make the shoes as comfortable as possible. These include soles containing millions of air bubbles to make them light, slow release foam in the memorise insoles, wiggle room for your toes and smooth and flat seams to prevent rubbing.
  6. British lasts are used to create the shoe shapes for Hotter Shoes. These are created using measurements from British feet which can be wider than those on the continent. This helps to ensure a perfect fit.
  7. There are over 80 Hotter stores throughout the UK which have a smart comfy setting to allow you to try on shoes easily. You can also order on-line.
  8. Hotter shoes have a range of wide fit shoes as well as half sizes.
  9. As well as shoes Hotter also do a range of accessories, handbags, purses and scarves. The handbags are cleverly designed to match their shoes.
  10. As well as a range of shoes for women Hotter Shoes also do a range of shoes for men.

Hotter Shoes Discount Code

I have a discount code to share with you which will give you £10 off your Hotter Shoes order plus free delivery  for the first order only. Just use the code:  PPATEN at the checkout.

Hotter Shoes Discount code

You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products and accessories) plus FREE delivery. Minimum order value £25. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers. Expires 30/6/16

Have you ever worn Hotter Shoes? What was your experience, let me know below.

11 responses to “Ten things you didn’t know about Hotter Shoes”

  1. Steven Stewart says:

    Dear Alison I have been making footwear for 47 years and the last 18 years plus I have had the pleasure of making the most beautiful comfort shoes in the World here at Hotter Shoes. Great Style and Design with Extended Comfort made for our Customers
    and I am so pleased you like our shoes thankyou

  2. Su Tyler says:

    I love Hotter shoes. I have a pair of Shake that wear for work. At the last blogger event I chose the Ivy short biker boots.
    I also have a pair of sandals that I won! All of them are so comfy.
    I like the look of the shoes you had.
    Mind you I just wish I could have had my ‘Hotter moment’ in a pair of DOnna’s! I love them.

  3. They look so cute and comfy… and they are british made, which is fantastic. I tend to buy made in England / italy and never buy – if i have a choice – made in China. So I will definitely look them up. I need a pair of flats after one which I love, was stolen from my work desk drawer.

  4. Psychic Nest says:

    Hi Alison,

    Firs time I hear about Hotter shoes. They look really comfy and I do love the design. It is great to know that the company bring the attention to how comfortable are the shoes. I will definitely take a look at them online. Thank you for the fantastic review!


  5. maureen trodd says:

    what method of washing should i use for my memorise insoles

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