Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet Review

September 4, 2012

All boys love building things and my son is no exception to that. When we were offered the chance to review the Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet we had to give it a go. For a start it was a giant hornet, what boy does not like to torture his mother with insects of one kind and another. Secondly it is a kit where you have to build a giant hornet using a Rivetz gun to fix the bits together. This sounded like a craft kit with a difference.

Technokitz Rivetz Giant HornetTaking the Technokit Rivetz giant hornet from its box we found sheets of card with the parts of the wasp on. You need to pop the pieces out from the main piece of card. The sheets  are reasonably thick and are very glossy. We also found the Rivetz gun and a supply of Rivetz. An instruction book was also included.

Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet
The Rivetz Gun is made of plastic with a plunger on the end that you press. To get the rivetz to work you need to put the small cylinder shaped part of the rivetz in the barrel of the gun. The other part of the rivetz slides into the gun and you insert the prongs of it though the holes in the card.

Technokit Rivetz Once it is securely inserted you press down on the plunger and the prongs of the rivetz spread out gripping the card in place. The cylindrical centre part comes away and can be reused.  The gun then needs to be slid away from the rivetz gently, a manoeuvre that could be a little tricky at times. If you make a mistake the rivetz can be easily removed and replaced in the right place.

I sat down with my son and started making the giant hornet. The instructions as a whole were clear and easy to follow. Each section of the card has holes on it and these holes all have letters and numbers. You need to find all the holes with the same letters and different numbers and rivet them all together. For example if you find holes with A1/4 A2/4 A3/4 and A4/4 you know that there are four holes with letter A and these need to be joined. Not all the letters are always on the same parts of card as the body parts need to be joined together.

The project is really a two person job. I found I was holding the card in the right place to put the rivetz in and my son was expertly using the rivetz gun. It is not a project that can be rushed either. We spent a little bit of time each day working on this and it took us five days in all. We did it bit by bit and took it slowly though.

At the end of the project we ended up with a giant hornet.

Technokit Rivetz Giant HornetMy son was really pleased with it and quite proud that he had managed to make it. We were able to display it in his room using the stand provided. You also get thread so you can suspend it from the ceiling if you prefer. It is also large, when they said giant hornet they meant it. I would  not like to meet one of these in real life.

The Technokit Rivetz kits are aimed at boys aged 6-12 and as well as a giant hornet you can get a Dragon and a Racer, which is a car.  The kits are made by Interplay and are available at RRP £12.99. I think this is great value and if you are looking for a kit that will keep your chiild absorbed with model they will be proud of, this is worth a look.

Disclosure: I was sent a Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet to review but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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