Super Yacht Visits Newcastle

July 7, 2014

Last week the super yacht Sovereign visited Newcastle Upon Tyne. It was the first time a super yacht has visited Newcastle and it was moored on the Quayside, just beyond the Millennium Bridge for a week. The yacht was built in Florida, strangely by Newcastle Marine and is among the largest yachts ever to be constructed in the United States.  I have never seen a super yacht before so we took the chance to wander down to the Quayside to investigate.

Superyacht SovereignThe yacht when seen from the Millennium Bridge is an impressive sight. In order to get this far up the Tyne the bridge would have to have swung open to let it though.  As you walk up to the yacht you realise the full scale of it.

Superyacht SovereignIt is sleek and impressive, from the front you are overlooked by the bridge and you can imagine steering through the waves. The Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge can be seen in the background.

Superyacht SovereignFrom the side you can see the size of the inside. There is plenty of room inside and two seated lounge areas at the back. I can just imagine sitting in the sun out at sea with a cold drink on these seats. A range of different aerials top the yacht, but there is not a sail in sight!

Superyacht sovereignThe crew are busy on deck, cleaning it up for the owners, whilst a seagull watches. The owner of the yacht is a mystery, my son was watching people pass insistent that each one of them must be the owner for various reasons. It was lovely to walk along the Quayside in the sun and dream about having a yacht like this. How wonderful would it be to be able to sail around the world, visiting whatever destination took your fancy and staying there for a while. The owners made the right choice visiting Newcastle, there is plenty to see and do here.

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