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June 10, 2014

Recently the sun has come out and I managed to sit in the garden and enjoy it. When I sit in the sun I am always careful to protect my skin from the sun’s ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays. Sun burn is painful and damaging to the skin and too much sun can also have an ageing effect on the skin. Sunsense have a range of products that help protect your skin from the sun and I was sent some to try out.


The products are suitable for everyone in the family and ideal for sensitive skin. There is no excuse not to protect the skin of the younger members of the family, whose skin can be more delicate. I often have problems getting my son to apply sun cream as he hates the sticky feeling. I have to remind him that when his dad sat out without sun cream he went bright red and looked like a lobster. I tell him that red is not a good look and he will not attract girls with peeling skin. This seems to do the trick. The hard part is getting him to remember to reapply the cream after four hours, the protection does not last all day. He was very happy with the Sunsense cream as it absorbed easily and was not sticky.

SunsenseWe tried three products in the Sunsense range:

Sunsense Ultra

Sunsense Ultra is a light easy to apply lotion with SPF 50+. It protects against UVA and UVB rays and remains water resistant for four hours. It comes in a 500ml pump, 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on size. The bottle is the ideal size to carry in a handbag or beach bag. It absorbs easily without being sticky and has a very mild scent.

Sunsense Toddler Milk

Sunsense Toddler Milk is an easy to apply sun milk which has been formulated specially for sensitive skin. It is water resistant for 40 minutes and available in a 125ml bottle and a 50ml roll on.

Sunsense Lip Balm

Very often we forget to protect our lips from the sun and find they can become dry and cracked. Sunsense lip balm helps sooth and moisturise lips whilst protecting them from the sun. It contains vitamin E as well as a high protection sunscreen, SPF 50. The lip balm is easy to apply and really made my lips feel softer. The tube is a handy size to carry in a bag so you can apply it whenever your lips feel dry.

All the Sunsense products are great to use at home, school or on holiday. Make sure that you keep your sun cream topped up, even on a cloudy day. The sun will still get though the clouds and can damage your skin. Remember to reapply your sun screen every few hours as it will not last all day.

Win a Surf Shack Sun Shelter for your School with SunSense

To encourage school and nursery pupils to be sun sensible Sunsense have launched the 2013 Sun Sensible Schools Campaign. Extra shade in the playground is a great way to protect children from the sun amd with this competition from Sunsense pupils have a chance to win a surf shack sun shelter for their school.  Pupils will need to get creative and design a surfboard with a sun theme on the sunsense website. There are also great runners up prizes. Click on the logo below to register your interest. The competition ends on the 11th July 2014. There is also lots of great advice on being sun sensible.

Disclosure: I was sent the Sunsense products in return for an honest review.

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