Summer Flowers

July 15, 2014

Summer is a colourful season, filled with green leaves on trees, brightly coloured blooms on flowers and the shimmer of the sun on water. The colours all seem much brighter in the sunshine, the sky is blue and wisps of cloud fly gently across it making shapes to tease our imagination. Even the insects are bright, a green beetle scurrying along the floor, multicoloured butterflies flitting though the air, iridescent dragonflies zooming over the pond. Summer is filled with noise, the buzz of the bees busying themselves among the flowers, birds singing loudly from the trees and occasionally giving out strident alarm calls as a cat wanders near. Mornings are light and filled with promise as the sun glides into the day.

My garden is filled with flowers and vegetables, those that survived the great snail massacre. I planted a vegetable garden earlier in the year and now the seeds I planted are fulfilling their promise. Potatoes have grown huge green stalks, I am waiting to see what lurks in the soil below. Raspberries hang succulent from the canes, cabbages and broccoli are getting larger. One butternut squash survived the late frost that caught them, and it has flowers on it. Tomatoes are starting to appear and the taste is gorgeous, so much fresher than in shops. The garden is filled with flowers, making it a restful place to sit.
Flowers-2I love the fact that planting a seed can lead to so much pleasure months later, with beautiful blooms and fruit and vegetables filling the garden. It is even nicer to get a bouquet of flowers, beautiful blooms to display in your house.  I recently received this lovely bouquet of summer flowers from Suttons seeds, a vibrant splash of colour to show off in my living room. I loved the pinks and purples, the delicate roses mixed with the bright pink and purple splashes of the other flowers.

FlowersThe bouquet looked stunning against my wallpaper and added a gorgeous fresh scent to the room. There is nothing like a bouquet to add a touch of class to a room and make it look well cared for. It is always nice to receive flowers, they make you feel special.

FlowersSuttons have a gorgeous range of bouquets which are perfect to send to that special person in your life and brighten up their day. They arrived in great condition with plant food to make them last longer. I know these have brightened up my room.

Disclosure: I was sent a bouquet in return for an honest review.

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    Gorgeous flowers! We have some things (potatoes, onions and strawberries)in the veg plot at the bottom at the garden but sadly left it too late to do all the others that we usually do. Am particularly missing the tomatoes and the rhubarb 🙁 Will have to be on the ball next year!

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