Style Lux Blackhead Killer Face Mask Review

January 20, 2014

There are some days when you just need to pamper yourself. Days where you feel tired and weary, your skin is suffering and you know you just need to take some time out for yourself. On days like these I like nothing better than running myself a nice warm bubble bath, locking the door and treating myself to some beauty treatments. There is nothing nicer than relaxing in the bath with a face mask, knowing that you can’t get interrupted once the door is locked. Recently I was sent some Style Lux Blackhead Killer face masks to try and I decided it was time for a bit of pampering.
Blackhead killerThis facemask is said to remove all impurities, blackheads, pimples, and excess oil in minutes. As the mask dries it acts to suck the impurities from your skin and also removes dead skin cells making your skin softer and fresher than before. It sounded great so I opened the packet to apply it. Each packet contains 10 ml of the mask which is more than sufficient to cover the face and neck.

blackhead killerThe mask itself is black in appearance and very sticky. It is quite runny when you first get it out of the packet and can make a bit of a mess. It is a good idea to  have a cloth on hand to wipe up spills and to store the packet on after use. I applied it to my face and waited for it to dry.

The mask dries nicely and can just be peeled off. Any of the mask that has been left behind can just be washed off easily. After use my skin felt lovely and soft and looked much smoother. I was very pleased with the result. I have dry and sensitive skin and did not find any problems when I used this mask. I also found that it removed all the blackheads lurking in my nose area. If you suffer from blackheads or oily skin this product would be ideal.

The Style Lux blackhead killeris available in a pack of five for £14.95

Disclosure: I was sent some of the face masks in return for an honest review. I am a member of StyleLux Premium Blogger group.

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