Stunning Jewellery from Glamulet

February 4, 2016

If you are looking for jewellery that makes a statement why not try this stunning Jewellery from Glamulet?

Adding jewellery to an outfit is a simple way to lift it out of the ordinary and make a statement about who you are. Everyone has different tastes in the type of jewellery pieces they like. Some people like chunky and bold, others prefer simple and elegant.

I like jewellery that is unusual and different. If it has a dragon in it somewhere then all the better. I have lots of different pieces of jewellery, most of them have memories attached to them. Some I inherited from my grandparents and when I wear them I recall time spent at their house as a child. Others I received as gifts, some from my parents from their travels round the world and others I bought myself.

My most treasured pieces have to be my wedding ring and my engagement ring, which brings back memories of my husband proposing. I am always on the lookout for other unusual pieces and recently I came across stunning jewellery from Glamulet.

Glamulet sell personalised jewellery including necklaces, beads, bracelets, rings and chains. Glamulet believe that every woman should have access to a range of beautiful and elegant jewellery at an affordable price. If you fancy a charm bracelet they have a lovely range of charms which fit most type of bracelets. The prices are affordable and they would make a lovely gift. I love the idea of having a bracelet where you can add different charms to remember special occasions. It is also nice to have something unique that no one else has. Recently I was sent a necklace from Glamulet to try, the enchant flower key pendant. It is a stunning silver pendant, shaped like a key. In the centre is a gemstone and the key is set with sparkling crystals.


The key is quite large but not too heavy. It is a lovely and unusual piece and something I definitely would give as a gift. The charm is stunning and the necklace itself is well packaged with a little pouch inside the box as well as a polishing cloth for keeping it sparkling. I love the colour of the gemstone, the sparkly blue makes me think of summer skies and sea.

The feature I really like is on the chain, it is adjustable allowing you to wear the necklace at two different lengths. This allows you to get the necklace in the right place for the top you are wearing. Sometimes chains can be too long and the necklace cannot be seen. This is a great feature which makes it easy to wear the necklace with more outfits.


I am really pleased with the necklace and have worn it on many different occasions. It is really eye catching and when I wear it I feel a bit mysterious, as though I am carrying a secret key that will unlock something special. The only way to keep it safe is to keep it round my neck. It makes me feel a bit like a mysterious spy. Jewellery should make you feel special and Glamulet have the magic touch to make you feel this.

If you fancy treating yourself to a necklace or bracelet from Glamulet, I have a special promotional code you can use. Just use the code: dragonsand15
at the checkout at Glamulet to get a 15% discount on your order

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