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May 21, 2014

There is something about stationery that makes me want to own it. A crisp notebook invites me to write on it, empty pages beckoning for a story to be told. Writing can be done in pens of many colours, black to be bold and assertive, green when you are feeling playful, red to make a point. Folders and binders to store things in, post it notes to add emphasis to pages and stick notes on the fridge. My stationery must have list is endless. It must be a girl thing, my mum is the same. My husband and son wonder why I am fascinated with stationery and can’t see the attraction.

When I was asked to try out Viking Direct I was excited, not at the chance of having Norsemen delivered to my door, but at the chance to browse though office supplies and choose stationery. Norsemen would be interesting but they are not in the catalogue. I was amazed at the range of products that I found though, not just notebooks and pens, but office furniture, tea and coffee, technology and even gifts. Everything you need for the modern office.

I started off by choosing some notepads and pens. There is a great selection of notebooks, but I like these pukka pads for keeping blogging notes and to do lists. I also got some more pens, I think we have a pen thief in our house. No matter how many I buy I can never find them when I look.

NotepadsI also got some printer paper, you can never have enough printer paper. For that matter you can never have enough ink cartridges either and Viking also sell these.

Printer paperIn order to organise my pens and try and prevent them disappearing I choose a two drawer storage cube. This is now full of pens and on the windowsill next to my computer. It looks smart and has removed some of the clutter from the desks.
Storage cubeThe drawers are a nice size and it holds lots. I then wandered into the technology section and found these rechargeable batteries which I needed for my camera.

Batteries and USB stickI was also very happy with this 32GB USB drive which I will use to back up my photos.The price was really good for the amount of storage on the drive.  I have to admit I was very impressed with the service from Viking, my order came promptly and was well packed. The prices  are reasonable as well and the products are good quality. The range of products on the site is brilliant and I could spend hours just browsing and adding things to my wish list.

Disclosure: I was given some money to spend on products from Viking Direct in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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  1. Galina V says:

    I love notebooks, they are so handy, especially for making lists and keeping the track of my blog reviews.

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