Starting the Slim-Fast Challenge

May 18, 2015

Last year I worked really hard to lose weight. I took up running and went out running with the dog every morning. I also was very careful with what I ate. Over the winter it was too dark to run and recently I have found my asthma has been worse than normal. I am still quite active, I do lots of walking every day but I have found the weight has been creeping on. When your clothes start feeling uncomfortably tight and some clothes no longer fit it is definitely time to do something. I tried to convince myself that the scales were wrong, but I had put on about a stone. It had to go! Luckily Slim-fast were looking for bloggers to try their two week Slim-fast challenge and I was asked to try it. They sent me enough slim-fast products to try over two weeks. I am starting the challenge today and can’t wait to see how I get on.

Slim-fast challenge

Slim-fast have a 3.2.1 plan, which allows you to enjoy 3 snacks, 2 meal replacements and one calorie counted meal. It sounded simple enough but I did wonder if I was going to feel hungry and be tempted to eat more when it came time for the main meal.. For meal replacements I have a range of milkshakes to use.

SlimfastThese come in a range of flavours which allows some variety. I like the sound of the caramel, strawberry, vanilla and banana. I also have chocolate, cafe-lait and mocha flavours to try. I will be trying the milkshakes for breakfast. The other meal replacement option is meal replacement bars.

Slim-fast barsThese come in summer berry, chocolate crunch and chocolate peanut flavours. I am going to use these to replace my lunch as they are a nice handy size to carry in my handbag to work.

As well as meal replacements I am also allowed three snacks a day. These can be from the slim-fast range or you can choose to have fruit like an apple, an orange or a pear.  The slim-fast range includes different chocolate bars.

slim-fastI often crave a chocolate fix when I have a mid morning cup of tea at work so these will be ideal. I like the sound of the flavours, heavenly chocolate delight, chocolate nutty nougat or chocolate caramel treat. If you prefer a savoury snack you can choose from one of the range of savoury options.

slim-fastWith cheddar flavour bites, bbq flavour tortillas and sour cream and chive pretzels I will be spoiled for choice. The last part of the plan is one main meal. This is calorie counted and needs to be 600 calories for women. The slim-fast website gives a range of recipes to try which is very useful. You can also sign up to the plan on the website and it will give you an outline of what you can eat each day. I have a feeling I may be loading my plate with lots of extra salad.

I started the plan today with a caramel milkshake for breakfast. It was lovely and so far I am not hungry. I will be updating you on my progress at the end of two weeks so keep an eye out to see how I get on. Have you ever tried slim-fast? How did you get on?

I have been sent the slim-fast products to enable me to take the slim-fast challenge and provide an honest account of how I get on.

11 responses to “Starting the Slim-Fast Challenge”

  1. Good luck with this! I can’t believe one of those little bars is supposed to be a meal, will be very interesting to see if they do the trick for you.

  2. I am not a fan of slim fast myself, but good luck with your challenge 🙂

  3. All the best with the challenge. I’m really interested to see how it goes as it’s difficult to believe you’ll feel full enough not to snack with the bars or shakes instead of meals. I could do with loosing a couple of lbs so I’ll be looking forward to your update.

  4. christy spencer says:

    Good luck I am also on the Slim Fast diet and starting to see the weight come off x

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