Stalk Me by Richard Parker

February 5, 2014

Stalk Me Richard ParkerA while ago I read Scare Me and I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the book. I was delighted to learn that a new book by the same author was about to be released,  Stalk Me by Richard Parker. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy before release and couldn’t wait to read it.

The book starts with Beth Jordan who is in the car with her husband. A brief lapse of attention and suddenly they are in a car crash, they have hit a stationary camper. Beth wakes to find herself wrapped in the air bag, upside down. She struggles to get out and manages to crawl to the camper desperate to raise the alarm and get help. She sees someone moving but before she can do anything she is viciously kicked in the face and loses conciousness.

Waking a while later she finds the emergency services are in attendance. She realises her husband is dying beside her and tries to reach out to him and comfort him. She then becomes aware they are being watched by a coach party of students who are filming them. She staggers to confront them, attacking the crowd before lapsing into a coma. Waking up in hospital some time afterwards Beth has to contend with the news her husband is dead and the funeral has gone ahead without her. The police have not been able to trace the driver of the car she collided with. She is horrified to realise that the video clips of the accident have been placed on line and gone viral. The clips will help Beth piece together exactly what happened, but as she tries to find out more she realises that the owners of the clips are being killed and the clips are being taken off line. The clips must conceal something else. A deadly race begins, can Beth find out what is happening before the evidence is gone forever.

Stalk Me is a gripping and exciting thriller, I picked it up and was not able to put it down. Beth needs to find out what her husband was trying to tell her before he died and determinedly follows the only trail she has. We follow her on her journey which reveals truths about her marriage. She is a great character, who is not afraid to face a psychopathic killer on her hunt for the truth. The book twists and turns, it is a roller coaster ride that keeps you enthralled wondering what is going to happen next.This is one book you should add to your must read list. It is due for publication on the 4th March 2014

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the book in return for an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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