Spring Cleaning with Ecover

April 16, 2015

The weather has been glorious over the last few days with the sun shining. In the last few days the trees are starting to show leaves and it feels like spring is really here. Sadly though it is also showing up the dirt in my house. In the winter you do not really notice the dust as much as it gets dark earlier.  Recently I shared seven spring cleaning tips and following my own advice decided to tackle the bathroom. The tiled walls had gathered dust and the curtains were showing distinct toothpaste stains. How toothpaste gets onto the curtains is one of the great mysteries of life. I knew a clean and shiny bathroom would inspire me to tackle the rest of the house. I also hoped that by taking down the curtains it would give me an incentive to paint the bathroom ceiling which really does need brightening up.

First I took down the curtains. While I was up the stepladders I found dust on top of the light, the curtain rails and the bathroom cabinet. I quickly tackled these with a duster, anything that fell to the floor could be cleaned later.

Ecover productsOnce the curtains had been removed I could see that the windows looked dirty. The window cleaner comes and cleans the outside but I needed to tackle the inside. Luckily Ecover had sent me a range of cleaning products to try out and one of these was a window and glass cleaner. This made short work of the window and left it sparkling. It also worked really well on the glass shower door which has a number of smears on it.  Unfortunately as more light was coming into the room I could see how much more I needed to do.

Ecover multi action wipesThe Ecover Multi-Action wipes worked brilliantly on the tiled walls, getting rid of the dust at great speed. They were also perfect for the sink, bath and toilet and I was happy to know they also killed bacteria while they cleaned. The pomegranate and lime smell was lovely and lingered in the air making the bathroom feel clean.

Ecover Washing up liquidThe bathroom now looked lovely apart from the floor. I actually tackled this using my rubber gloves and some Ecover washing up liquid. This works really well on dishes and it cut though the grease on the floor. I was really happy at the hard work I had put in cleaning the bathroom and ready to relax with a cup of tea, when  my son came in. He had been out playing football and had managed to cover his trousers with mud. Of course they had to be pale trousers.

EcoverLuckily Ecover came to my rescue there as well with their stain remover. Its handy brush allowed me to apply it to the mud stains and after a wash the trousers were clean. I was happy as mud can be really difficult to remove. I was happy to have a sparkling bathroom and clean clothes, knowing that I was using products that are kind to the environment. Ecover use natural plant products in their cleaning products and get them from sustainable sources. The bottles can all be recycled and use minimum packaging.

I am pleased I have tackled one room in the house, now I have the rest to do. Have you started spring cleaning yet? If you have children, do your boys always come home covered in mud?

I was sent the products to try for the purposes of this review, the opinions and photos are my own.

One response to “Spring Cleaning with Ecover”

  1. Bertha Hale says:

    I never tried this cleaning brand, but it seems like its pretty good. I will try it for sure, because right now I am using some, which doesn’t clean at all and is totally fake. Thanks for sharing!!

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