Slumberdown Anti-Snore Pillow

May 2, 2014

Did you know that this week was National Stop Snoring Week? Neither did I until  I was sent a Slumberdown anti-snore pillow to try I was delighted, I don’t snore but my husband does and he often keeps me awake at night with his snoring. It is even worse when the dog sneaks into the bedroom as he also lies on the floor and snores really loudly for a little dog. I am not alone in this, apparently around 40% of the UK population are affected by snoring. One in three British couples opt to sleep alone every night to try and get some sleep. I was really interested to see how an anti-snore pillow would actually work.

Slumberdown Anti Snore PillowThe pillow is filled with fibre, but to stop snoring it has a special ‘S’ shaped foam inner core. This encourages better breathing by supporting the head and neck helping to reduce snoring and improve sleep. The pillow is lovely and soft and a nice size.

Anti-snore pillowThe big question is does it work? It did not stop my husband snoring entirely but it did make a massive difference. His snoring was no longer loud enough to keep me awake, when he did snore it was a really soft snore that did not disturb me. I say when he did snore, his snoring was actually greatly reduced and did not happen as much. Now I just need a solution to stop the dog snoring!

You can find the Slumberdown Anti-snore pillow in Tesco and it is currently on offer for £4.50 to mark National Stop Snoring Week. Normally is is £6.00 so if you rush out and buy it before the 12th May you save 25%. You can find further information on the complete Slumberdown range at

Disclosure: I was sent a Slumberdown Anti-Snore pillow in order to do an honest review.

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  1. Sarah says:

    My husband use a snore guard and it has reduced his snoring completely. We bought one from Stella White website a couple of months ago.

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