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October 21, 2011

I was really pleased recently when Baking Mad sent me some of the new Silver Spoon Create products to review. This  is a new range of products that can be used for decorating cakes, perfect as it was National Baking Week and I had just baked some cupcakes.

There are a number of different products in the range, which gives you a lot of choice. There are strawberry and orange buttons and giant snowies which are great for adding to the top of cakes. Easy melt chocolate sachets which come in milk, white and dark which can be poured on top of cakes or used in other recipes that call for melted chocolate.  There are white chocolate letters and numbers, if you want to add lettering but are not very good at icing. Also a number of different food colouring shades as well as a number of other choices.

My son and I used these products to decorate the cupcakes we had made and I must say we had great fun using them. I decorated some of the cupcakes with buttercream icing. I made some of them with plain icing and then I added the lilac colour creator to the rest.

On the packet it shows you that the more drops you add the darker colour you get. I added about six or seven drops to make a pale purple colour rather than the dramatic purple colour that I could have made.  It definitely worked well and made an interested contrast to the white chocolate letters.

I think the white chocolate letters and numbers are a great idea. There have been so many times I have wanted to add writing to a cake and not bothered as I knew I would mess it up. These are great, you just put them on and make a word. You get at least three of each letter in each packet so can make a number of words without having to buy more than one packet. As well as the letters I added some of the strawberry buttons and the giant snowies to the cakes which definitely gave them a bit of colour as well as tasting nice.

Finally I used some of the easy chocolate melt to decorate the top of the remaining cupcakes. This was really easy to use, all you do is put it in a jug of hot water for a minute or two and the chocolate melts. You then make a hole in the packet and squeeze it over the cupcakes. None of the messing about with bowls inside saucepans of boiling water, you just pour and there is no washing up. It is so easy my son was able to do it without creating a load of mess.

I love these products, they were really easy to use and my son had great fun decorating the cupcakes we made with them. This is the end result.

You can work out which one my son claimed!

For more information about these products see:

They are currently available in Asda and Sainsburys.

If you want the recipe for my cupcakes you will find it here: Vanilla Cupcakes

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