Shoes for the Summer

May 25, 2012

Recently the sun has come out and I have really been enjoying it. There is nothing nicer than sitting in the garden on a warm night reading a book in the sun. We also have a couple of bank holidays coming up and with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee approaching I am sure there are going to be a few parties. I had a look at my collection of shoes but I seem to be sadly lacking in summer footwear.

I wanted to have a look for some sandals and see if I could find a pair that would look elegant, go with a number of different outfits and keep my feet nice and cool. I know that I will be going to work, going to barbecues, sitting in the garden and going on holiday over the summer. Ideally I would like a pair that I can wear for all these different occasions. The reasoning behind this is that when I go away I do not want to have to bring lots of pairs of shoes with me.

The first pair that caught my eye were these turquoise and fuchsia Cialeo sandals made by Bocage.

Cocage Cialeo sandalsI really love the bright summery colours that they come in and the little tassels at the front make them look elegant. I can imagine sitting in a sun dress at a garden party sipping a glass of wine in these. They would definitely look lovely with a dress but I also think they would go well with a pair of shorts and a sun top.

Bronx Glisoc shoeThe next pair I noticed were these gorgeous sandals from Bronx, they are called Glisoc and again come in lovely summery colours of blue, green and purple. These have a wedge heel which makes them slightly better for walking on grass, I find smaller heels can sink in. I love the blue detailing on the heel, it makes them a little bit more unusual. I can definitely see me wearing these to work or sitting outside the pub having a meal on a lovely sunny day.

Buffaloo Bridgette Sandals

My final choice was these gorgeous royal blue Bridgette sandals made by Buffalo. I really like the fancy blue ruffling on the front, its an extra bit of detailing that just catches the eye and makes them look that little bit more special. I think these would be ideal shoes to wear for that Jubilee party, you could team the blue shoes with a red skirt and a white top. They also come in black as well if you want something more classical.

I must admit I have still not made a final decision about which pair I am going to buy, I am having so much fun looking and every time I think I have made a choice I find another pair I like. I’d love to know which pair you would like, it may help me to decide.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but I have not been told what to write and the opinions are my own.

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3 responses to “Shoes for the Summer”

  1. Vita says:

    They’re all beautiful! Love your choice – what a royal colour 🙂

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