Shoes for Boys

August 14, 2012

I have an eleven year old son and I always find it hard buying him shoes that do not wear out in five minutes. I have no idea what he does to them, but shoes end up with holes in the sole or gaping apart at the seams. It is so annoying, it makes me wonder if there is a small boy training program that includes shoe destruction. When I think about it the problems are probably caused because he is running around, playing football, trying to climb trees and doing the other things that boys do at that age.

I wanted to get him some decent hard-wearing shoes that he could also use for school. I was interested to see that Timberland do shoes for kids and this pair of SplitRock 2 boots really do look like they could take anything he could do to them.

Timberland Split RockThe other good thing about these boots is they look like they could deal with bad weather, perfect for stomping though snow. It seems strange to be thinking about snow at this time of year but I am hoping these shoes will last into the winter.

For a more traditional school shoe my eyes were drawn to these Camper Charcos Stri shoes. They are more trainer like but still smart enough to pass as school shoes.

Camper Charcos SiriThe velcro makes them easy to take on and off when changing for games and they look reasonably solid.

I then noticed that Caterpillar do children’s shoes as well and I know from my own experience that these are really tough long lasting shoes. I really like the look of these Towson Black shoes, they are almost military in appearance which will appeal to my son.

Caterpillar TowsonThey look like they will be really long lasting and hard wearing which has to be a definite plus as well as perfect for the bad weather. The only problem, my son has to decide. I hope that he picks the right ones!

I would love to know does anyone else have problems with their children wearing out shoes really quickly or is this something unique to my son?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but I was not told what to right and the opinions and ideas are my own.

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