Scare Me by Richard Parker

July 25, 2013

Scare Me

Scare Me by Richard Parker is a tense and gripping thriller which grabbed me and had me reading avidly from the start to the end. Have you ever Googled yourself? I think most people have. Imagine receiving a phone call from an anonymous caller late at night telling you to do just that. When you do you find a website set up in your name, showing photos of the inside of your house and photos of six others that you do not recognise. You are then told your family is in danger and you need to get to each house before a murder takes place.

This is what happens to Will Frost, a successful CEO. He and his wife Carla are waiting the return of their daughter, Libby, and her boyfriend from a trip to Thailand. Libby is expecting and they are hoping to spend some time together as a family. The call, late at night, leads Will to a picture of his daughter and her boyfriend tied and bound. In order to save her Will is sent on a mission to retrieve something of Libby’s from each house on the website. Not only does he have to find the house, he must get there before the murders are discovered and the police are on the scene. This is the only way he can save his daughter. The police can not be involved or his daughter will die.

This is a modern thriller, based on the premise that technology is invasive and can be used to track our lives. We follow Will on his frantic journey, his wife acting as backup as they try and unravel the clues and find the next destination before the killer strikes. The descriptions of the murder scenes are gruesome and you can really believe you are standing there with Will, trying to find the item needed to save his daughter. It makes for some uncomfortable reading which adds another dimension to the book, bringing it to life.

There seems to be no reason why they have been targeted, no ransom demands have been made. You will need to keep reading to the end to find out, but you will find it really hard to put this book down. It is a fast paced gripping thriller which really shows a family working together to save one of their own. Scare Me by Richard Parker is definitely worth adding to your reading list this summer.

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