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Save money with TalkTalk bill busters

January is always a month for re-evaluation. Most of us have made resolutions to lose weight and get more healthy and have started taking positive steps towards this. January is also a time for realising how much you have spent over Christmas and often drastic saving measures are needed. It is a time for writing up a budget and working out where you can save money. TalkTalk have just launched a range of ways that their broadband, tv and phone customers can save money, called bill busters.

Bill bustersBill busters hands over control to the customer, you can look easily and work out ways you can save money on your services. This allows you to stay in control and helps you budget.

Smart ways to save

  •  Save 10% on your bill with a speedy payment discount. If you pay your bill within 24 hours you will get 10% off.  Payment is easy online or on your mobile using the TalkTalk app.
  • Save 10% with value line rental by paying a year in advance. This can be done at any time, without affecting your contract time or bill date.
  • Reduce mobile call costs with Talk2Go. This allows you to save your mobile minutes by redirecting landline minutes to your mobile and make calls from abroad at landline rates.
  • Privacy calling features are free so you can add 1571 voicemail, anoymous caller reject, last caller barring and caller display at no extra cost.
  • Opt for paperless billing and view your bills online saving yourself £22.80 a year.
  • Set up a calling circle and call friends and family at a discounted rate. Up to 16 numbers can be added.

Your Bills, Your Way

  • Choose how you want to pay your bill. There are plenty of different ways. You can set up a reoccurring card payment, use a Keyfob and pay at the Post Office, make a one off card payment or set up a direct debit on whatever day is best for you.
  • Set up a monthly usage allowance. This allows you to limit your spending on calls and movie rentals. You get alerts when you reach 50% and 90% of your allowance so you can stay in control.
  • Add and remove call boosts. This allows you to add extra minutes for mobile and international calls into your call allowance. These can be added on a monthly basis so if you need to call abroad one month you can just add an international boost and save money.
  • Add and remove TV boosts. If you want to watch a movie on sky you can add a movie boost for a month. If you want to watch a football match add a sports boost. These can be removed at the end of the month allowing you to dip in and out of telly as you wish and keep on top of your spending.

I feel more confident that I am in control of my bills and can budget for the year ahead. You can find more information on the TalkTalk website.

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