Eight sandwich ideas you must make this week

May 22, 2018
Eight sandwich ideas to try this week

Who doesn’t love a sandwich? It is the perfect food to have on the go.  Ideal picnic food, great for a  lunch box or just as a quick snack. Sandwiches can be hot or cold, simple or a work of art. Are you stuck in a sandwich rut? Read on to find eight sandwich ideas you must make this week.

Can you imagine life without a sandwich? This food has revolutionised our lunchtimes and even makes an appearance at breakfast. Sausage sandwiches and bacon sandwiches make a great start to a morning. You expect a lunch box to contain a sandwich and what other food would you pack for a picnic?

To celebrate the sandwich I have put together some sandwich facts along with eight sandwich ideas you must make this week. If you are stuck making the same old cheese sandwich for lunch every day then try these ideas. It will make lunchtime more interesting.Eight sandwich ideas to try this week

Some sandwich facts

What is a sandwich?

According to the dictionary a sandwich is “An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal“. This is rather a dry definition for a food that we regularly consume at lunchtime or for a late night snack.  Sandwiches are portable, convenient and easy to eat.

In reality a sandwich comes in many forms, filled rolls, baguettes, stuffed pitta breads, wraps or bagels. The only limit to a sandwich is your imagination.

Who invented the sandwich

The sandwich became popular in England in 1762. It gets its name from John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. According to legend he had a substantial gambling problem and would spend many hours around the card table. He did not like to take time out in order to have a meal and would ask the waiters to bring him slices of meat between bread. The sandwich grew popular in London society and took on the Earl’s name.

What can you put on a sandwich?

You can put anything on a sandwich. Some popular ideas are cold meats like ham, chicken or turkey with or without salad. A bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich is one of my favourites.

Cheese is also popular as are eggs. Think egg and cress or egg mayonnaise and bacon. Fish like tuna or prawns are also good to put in sandwich. Just look in your cupboards and fridge and be inspired.

What do you serve with a sandwich?

Sandwiches are tasty on their own but if you want to jazz up the plate and make it a bit more of a meal you can serve a sandwich with sides. Popular ideas are crisps and a pickle, coleslaw, potato salad or couscous. Sticks of carrot, cucumber or red pepper also work well.

Seven sandwich ideas you must make this week

Running out of ideas for sandwiches? I have put together seven sandwich ideas, one for every day of the week.

Toasted cheese sandwich

The classic toasted cheese sandwich is the ultimate in comfort food. This one adds spring onions for a little bite. If you don’t have a sandwich toaster you can make it in a frying pan.

Toasted cheese sandwich with lurpak infusions

Ultimate Chicken Salad Sandwich

There is nothing nicer than a classic chicken salad sandwich. This one has chicken, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise for the ultimate lunch. It is quick and easy to make as well.

The ultimate chicken sandwich

Cuban Midnight Sandwich

A Cuban midnight sandwich gets its name from being served in Cuban nightclubs around midnight. It is a toasted sandwich with mustard, ham, melted cheese and sweet pickles. Try this and it could become a new sandwich addiction.

Cuban midnight sandwich

Cheese Savoury Sandwich

This is a classic sandwich filling from North East England. Give your cheese sandwich a bit of bite by grating cheese, carrots and onion and mixing with mayonnaise. You will never look at a cheese sandwich the same way.

Cheese savoury sandwiches

Sticky Sausage Sandwich

A sticky sausage sandwich is the perfect breakfast. This sandwich will really set you up for the day ahead. It is easy to make as well.

Sticky sausage sandwich

Barbecued pulled pork sliders

What could be nicer on a hot day that a barbecued pulled pork slider with coleslaw and potato salad? It is so easy to make, just cook the pork on low in the oven until it is ready then smoother with barbecue sauce. One joint will make a mound of pulled pork and it is delicious hot or cold. It is a great way to make enough sandwich meat for a week.

Pulled pork with bbq sauce


These toasted sandwiches made using flat breads are my new favourite snack. They are perfect for a hot summer day and a great way to use up leftovers. Make some of these and you will quickly be making more.


Ice Cream Sandwich

Is an ice cream sandwich really a sandwich? That can be left open for debate but what could be nicer on a hot summer day? These ice cream sandwiches have ice cream in the middle of anzac biscuits which have a lovely oaty crunch. Try making these, you will be glad you did.

ice cream sandwiches

Which of these do you fancy trying? Let me know below.

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Eight sandwich ideas to try this week. Sandwich fillings to jazz up your lunchtime. Click though for the recipes

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5 responses to “Eight sandwich ideas you must make this week”

  1. All these sandwiches look yum! With summer just around the corner, can’t wait to make the ice cream sandwich from your recipes!

  2. Anca says:

    I like the cheese sandwich, well… this is what I have most mornings. You might know that I’m Romanian. We call them sandwiches too, with a slightly different pronunciation, of course (“che” is read as the “s” in sugar). I was surprised to learn, after moving to Britain, where the name for dish came from.

  3. I’m getting hungry just reading this post. And I know my kids would love the idea of an ice-cream sandwich. Must try that. Reminds me slightly of my own childhood when we would get an ice-cream slice between 2 wafers

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