Samsung Galaxy SIII Unboxing

August 7, 2012

Samsung S3As you are aware I am a Samsung Mob!ler and I recently I received this box in the post. We have been sent a Samsung Galaxy SIII which we will be using to carry out our Mob!ler missions this year. I am really excited to receive the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the phone which is apparently “Inspired by Nature” and am looking forward to trying it out and seeing what it can do. Currently I use my iPhone 3GS which I love. I am really looking forward to seeing how this compares. The phone is said to see, listen and respond to what you are doing and I want to see this in action. I will be doing a full review and giving my opinions in due course, but for now I wanted to share my excitement at receiving the phone.

Inside the box you are find the phone itself.

Samsung S IIIIt has a protective screen cover which gives some information about the properties of the phone. The phone runs Android with a Quad Core CPU (Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz) processor)  and HD Amoled screen. It is available in two colours, the version I have Pebble Blue and Marble white. The phone is a bit larger than my current phone and has nicely rounded edges. It does feel nice and light in the hand and the size is not too big to use easily.

Samsung S IIIRemoving it from the box you lift a small cover to find the other contents of the box. There is a quick start guide and the warranty. The quick start guide is easy to follow but is not really necessary as the phone is easy to switch on and use. Also in the box is the plug, which is in two parts and the USB/charging cable. There is also a set of headphones and ear buds provided. The cable is actually nicely packaged, but in my haste I removed it from the plastic wrapper and promptly lost it. This meant it looks a bit messy in the photo. The battery is also in the box.

Samsung S IIITo get the phone up and running you need to remove the back. This proved easy to do, there is a small space at the top where you can insert your thumb nail and ease the back off. It does come off easily but you have to bend it a little. The plastic is quite flexible so my worries about breaking it soon subsided.

The battery is placed in the space in the back and then you need to add the sim card.  The Samsung S III uses a micro-sim card which is a bit smaller than a standard sim. I had luckily ordered one of these in advance, but apparently it is possible to cut down your current sim if you feel really brave. There is also a port for a mirco SD card where you can use a mirco SD card up to 64 GB. My phone has 16 GB internal storage so I will have plenty of space to store all those photos I keep taking on my phones.

I am really looking forward to starting to use this phone and seeing what it is like and will update you with my findings.

Disclosure: I am writing this as part of my participation in the Samsung Mob!lers program and was sent an Samsung S3 as part of that program. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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  1. You have absolutely no idea how envious I am!!!! Looking forward to reading about how you find the phone. Would love one of these! :O) *goes green with envy*

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