Rosemary and sea salt focaccia

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia is an Italian bread made with olive oil and topped with rosemary and sea salt. It provides a burst of Spring on a winter day.

I do not make bread often. It can be a time consuming process mixing, kneading and waiting for the dough to prove. Sometimes I take a whim to make it. After all what can be nicer than taking a loaf from the oven and serving it hot with a bowl of soup.  There is nothing more comforting on a cold day. The smell of bread baking warms the house and makes it feel cosy. You can almost imagine strangers stumbling out of their sleigh on a cold snowy day and making their way to your door. Drawn onward though the forest by the smell of bread in the hope of finding comfort.

This weekend I made some focaccia, an Italian bread which is great for sharing. It is also really easy to make. You can easily vary the recipe and use different toppings depending on your mood. I used a mixture of rosemary and sea salt which made the loaf extra tasty. The salt gives it extra crunch and the rosemary makes you think of Spring and the Mediterranean. The bread can be torn up or dunked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar to create a holiday experience.. It is also perfect with a bowl of hot steaming soup on a cold day.

rosemary and sea salt Focaccia


Rosemary and sea salt focaccia

It is really easy to make focaccia and the dough only requires proving a couple of times. The whole process takes just over an hour before you can get the bread into the oven. Making the dough is a matter of combining flour, yeast, salt and water and kneading it together. Olive oil then goes into the mixture to add flavour. You may prefer to use a stand mixer as the dough can be quite sticky. I quite like kneading the dough. It is a relaxing process. There is something about watching the dry ingredients form into a dough that is almost magical.

rosemary and sea salt Focaccia

The dough does need to be left to prove a couple of times. Leave it to double in size for the first prove. After this it is shaped and left to rise again for half an hour. Add the topping and bake for around twenty minutes. A gorgeous smell will waft though the house, making you feel hungry. You will be ready to eat the bread with a bowl of soup as soon as it is done.

Heinz Soup

Home made soup is always lovely and I often make my own soup. My spicy pumpkin soup went down very well with the family and butternut squash with ginger is a great winter warmer. Life can get busy and this is where a tin of Heinz soup comes in handy. Pour one into a pan, warm it up and you have a tasty and flavourful soup with no fuss. Perfect comfort food that fills you up.

Heinz soup
I find it is a delicious tomato soup which is full of flavour and I am happy to have this for lunch most days. Heinz minestrone soup takes tomato soup to the next level with the additions of pasta and selected vegetables. It makes a more substantial meal, perfect when you are hungry. Lentil and bacon and chicken are always firm family favourites and these are very close to the flavour of home made. With such a broad range of soups there will be on your family will love. Accompany a bowl of the soup with the rosemary and sea salt foaccia for a delicious lunch.

rosemary and sea salt focaccia

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia recipe

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia
Author: Alison
  • 500 g strong white bread flour
  • 5 g powdered dried yeast
  • 10 g fine salt
  • 325 ml warm water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • for the topping
  • olive oil
  • sea salt
  • chopped rosemary sprigs
  1. Mix together the flour, yeast, salt and water in a bowl. It should come together to form a sticky dough
  2. Add the olive oil and knead until a smooth dough is formed. A stand mixer can be used if preferred
  3. Shape into a round shape and leave to rise in the bowl until it doubles in size.
  4. Turn onto a lightly floured work surface and shape into an oval
  5. Place on a well greased baking tray and leave to rise for half an hour
  6. Make dents in the top using your fingers
  7. Drizzle on the olive oil and sprinkle with the sea salt and rosemary
  8. Preheat the oven to 250°C/Gas Mark 10
  9. Bake for ten minutes then turn the oven to 200C Gas Mark 6 and bake for ten more minutes

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Rosemary and sea salt focaccia: A quick and easy to make Italian bread that is drizzled with sea salt and rosemary for a burst of flavour

Do you make bread? What is your favourite bread to make? Let me know below.



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