Rockford’s Rock Opera

July 13, 2011

You may not have heard of Rockford’s Rock Opera but it is an enhanced audio book that is aimed at children aged from 6 -12 years old.

Rockford’s Rock Opera was first launched in 2009 on the web as an enhanced audio book,  the website combines pictures with animation, songs and dialogue to create a unique story. The story has built up a loyal fan base amongst schools, families and children and has even been used as the basis of lesson plans. In 2010the projects creators, who are husband and wife team, Matthew and Elaine Sweetapple working alongside writer and comedian, Steve Punt, launched the first part of the story as an iPhone app. It soon became the most popular children’s audio book in the App store.

So whats the story all about? Its about a boy called Moog and a dog called Rockford,a brown dog with a crooked tail, who was rescued from  Battersea Dogs’ Home. Rockford gets lost in Battersea Park and goes on a series of adventures, finally ending up in the  Sea of Tranquillity. Here lies the Island of Infinity, home to all the extinct species. They have a secret to share with the world  and Rockford and Moog need to deliver share the message.

The story is brilliantly delivered with a mix of story telling and edgy rocky songs. It is not like a normal children’s audio book, it has songs that will stick in your mind and get you singing along to it. Some parts of the story are very sad but the ultimate message is that of hope. Hidden in the songs is the message that we have the power to save our world, if only we look at what we are doing. Extinction is real and can happen but we have the power to change it, we just need to seize that power. My son listened to the story and said it was brilliant. He now has it on his ipod and keeps revisiting the story again and again, it certainly captured his imagination.

Rockford’s Rock Opera is available as a 3 CD set for £15.99. You can obtain it here: It’s over 2.5 hoursof audio and video.

The first hour of the story is available to download free on the website 
You can also watch it streamed on the website with interactive content which brings the story to life.

If you visit the itunes store you can also download the opera as an app: Part one is free.  It will be available soon for Android.

If you have a child between 6 and 12 I would definitely advise getting this, its really good listening and has a serious message to impart. I know that I have been singing songs from the Opera, it is really catchy and fun.

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  1. Thank you for this recommen.this sounds like something my little daughter would will definetly be buying this one…so pleased to come across your wonderful blog..ELiza Keating

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