A Revolting Recipe for Roald Dahl Day

September 24, 2012

Roald Dahl DayWhen I saw that Rangemaster were running a competition on their Facebook page to celebrate Roald Dahl Day I just had to have a look. They have created three revolting recipes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are challenging you to recreate it and send a photo. There are great prizes as well, £100 Amazon vouchers for the winner and and a set of Roald Dahl books for two runners up. This was a challenge we had to take part in.

There are three different revolting recipes to try, Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake from Matilda, Stickjaw for Talkative Parents  and Nutty Crunch Surprise from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. I printed the three recipes out and gave my son the choice of which to make and he decided upon Nutty Crunch Surprise. We got the ingredients and started cooking. Bashing biscuits into crumbs was taken very seriously by my son and loud thumping noises started happening in the corner. While he was doing that I got the other ingredients ready and finally he mixed them together.

Revolting RecipeWe put the mixture into a tin and then left it in the fridge to harden.

Revolting RecipeMy son actually wanted to eat it at this point, but we had to wait until it set before adding the finishing touches of the nutty crunch surprise and melted chocolate. First we had to crush some almonds, another job for the biscuit basher! While he was doing that I sorted out the caramel and melted chocolate and we dipped the bars into each covering them nicely.

Revolting RecipeA bit uneven but they worked well and I have to say they tasted really nice as well. My son proudly displays the final result.

Revolting RecipeWe had great fun making the recipe and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Why not join in as well, the recipes can all be found on the Rangemaster Facebook page.

Disclosure: This is my entry for the Roald Dahl competition on the Rangemaster facebook page, I entered because it looked like fun not because I was asked to.

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3 responses to “A Revolting Recipe for Roald Dahl Day”

  1. Cheryl says:

    They look great – your son is a mini Masterchef in the making 🙂

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