Retro Recipe: Prawn Cocktail and Walkers Brings Back Retro Favourites

October 19, 2015

Walkers crisps have recently launched their biggest ever flavour campaign, ‘Bring it Back’. They have brought back five retro flavours that were popular in days gone by. The public are being asked to decide which of the five flavours should stay on the shelves. If you vote you have the chance to win £100,000. The five flavours you can vote for are Barbecue, Toasted Cheese, Lamb & Mint, Beef & Onion and Cheese & Chive.

To celebrate the campaign Walkers asked me to recreate a retro recipe popular from days gone by. There were plenty of recipes that I could have chosen, Peach Melba, Black Forest Gateau, Cheese Fondue and many more. I have fond memories of eating many of these recipes when my parents threw dinner parties when I was a child. We would be fed before the guests came and sent to our bedrooms, but often sneaked down later to help ourselves to the leftovers. One of my favourite retro recipes of all time has to be a prawn cocktail. Whilst these days a prawn cocktail has become a bit of a cliché, when done well it is the ideal start to a meal. Crisp crunchy lettuce on the bottom, sweet prawns in a tangy sauce, it brings the taste buds to life and leaves them waiting for the main course. It is also one of my favourite starters ever.

Retro Recipe: Prawn Cocktail

Prawn CocktailWhen making a prawn cocktail the lettuce has to be crispy. Most people opt to use iceberg lettuce which is crisp but I find it can be a little watery. I chose to use little gem lettuce which not only is crispy but is full of flavour. Whilst it is fine to just have lettuce it adds a little more interest if you add something else into the salad. Avocado is the perfect choice to accompany prawns, often you find prawns in sauce added to the centre of a hollowed out avocado. I decided to dice up some avocado and slice some cucumber into ribbons and add this to the salad base. For a little zing I tossed the avocado and cucumber in some lemon juice.

Prawn cocktailWith the salad base sorted I turned my attention to the topping. The topping must include prawns, but for variety I decided to use a mixture of normal sized prawns and king prawns. The small prawns are succulent and sweet whilst the king prawns are more meaty and add more texture to the cocktail. For a perfect prawn cocktail the sauce needs to be tasty, with a hint of tomato and a touch of zing. I usually make Marie Rose sauce by combining mayonnaise and tomato ketchup which works perfectly. With slightly different proportions it makes a lovely sauce for burgers as well. To add a little zing to the sauce I also added Worcestershire sauce, a touch of Tabasco and some lemon juice. The result was a zingy sauce that complemented the prawns perfectly and was cooled by the salad underneath.

Prawn Cocktail

The final decision for a perfect prawn cocktail is how to serve it. Normally a prawn cocktail is served in a cocktail dish, the prawns covering the lettuce underneath so you need to dig down to get a taste. Alternatively it can be served on a plate so you can get a spoonful of salad and prawns together. I am included to go for the cocktail dish as it looks a little prettier. It tastes equally good both ways.

Prawn Cocktail Recipe

Prawn Cocktail
Author: Alison
  • 8 tbsp Mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp Ketchup
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • Drop of Tobasco
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 100 g prawns
  • 100 g king prawns
  • Little gem lettuce
  • 1 avocado
  • Cucumber
  • 2 tsps lemon juice.
  1. Peel the avocado and cut into small squares
  2. Cut a 10 cm chunk off the cucumber and peel. Cut into strips with a potato peeler.
  3. Toss the avocado and cucumber in the lemon juice.
  4. Shred the little gem lettuce and mix with the cucumber and avocado
  5. Place on a plate or in a cocktail dish, leaving enough room to top with the prawns.
  6. Add the mayonnaise to a bowl.
  7. Add the ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and lemon juice and mix well.
  8. Add the prawns and stir gently until well coated
  9. Top the lettuce with the prawn mixture.

Walkers Bring Back 5 Retro Flavours and Giveaway to win a box of retro flavoured crisps

As I mentioned above Walkers are bringing back 5 retro flavours Barbecue, Toasted Cheese, Lamb & Mint, Beef & Onion and Cheese & Chive. To be in with the chance of winning £100,000 you need to cast a vote for the flavour you want to stay at before 1st November 2015. You can also vote on Facebook or Twitter using the flavor hashtags:


To help celebrate the return of the retro flavours Walkers have given me a box of Walkers Bring It Back crisps to giveaway to one of my readers. If you would like a chance to win these crisps just comment below and let me know what retro recipe you would like to bring back if you had a chance. When you have done that come back and fill in the rafflecopter widget below so your entry is registered. This entry is mandatory. You can gain other entries by following on twitter, tweeting and visiting facebook but these are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why not pop over and enter my Healthy Eating Giveaway which ends on the 21st October as well.

The Rules

• There is one prize of a box of Walkers bring it back crisps – the prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
• Open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding employees and relatives of Dragons and Fairy Dust and Walkers Crisps
• Closing date for entries is on 11:59pm GMT on 16th November
• Only one entry per person
• Entrants must log into rafflecopter and leave a comment on the blog answering the question.
• Optional entry methods are to follow on twitter, visit facebook and tweet on twitter
• The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries.
• Automated entries will be disqualified.
• The winner will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 14 days or a new winner will be chosen.
• The winner’s name will be available on request.
• Walkers Crisps is responsible for prize fulfilment. The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address.
• This is a joint promotion between Dragons and Fairy Dust and Walkers Crisps
• Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

209 responses to “Retro Recipe: Prawn Cocktail and Walkers Brings Back Retro Favourites”

  1. Galina V says:

    Good old prawn cocktail is timeless, you can play with flavours around. I’d like to see some of the aspic recipes, because they look pretty.

  2. Leanne Lunn says:

    Definitely cheese and chive for me 🙂

  3. Haha great minds think alike – I almost made prawn cocktail but in the end I opted for …. homemade Findus Crispy Pancakes !! lol

  4. cathyj says:

    the lamb and mint sounds delicious

  5. Elaine Savage says:

    I would love to bring back Cheese and Chive

  6. Kathleen Bell says:

    I used to love a fruit jelly terrine, it was like a loaf of fruit salad made with jelly to set it. It was so tasty and I used to see it quite often on menus and things but never anymore!

  7. Lynn Doe says:

    Has to be Beef & Onion for me 🙂

  8. Daniel Hague says:

    #VoteBarbecue! Barbecue was the best flavour by far, takes me back to being a kid. c:

  9. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Beef and onion!

  10. Emma says:

    Cheese and chive for sure!

  11. Natasha Male says:

    I LOVE Beef and Onion so that gets my vote

  12. Tess D says:

    the retro recipe I would love to bring back is Arctic Roll! loved it – with regards to the crisps I have voted for Beef & onion

  13. Jenifer says:

    You don’t see bread sauce that often anymore, I think I’d like to bring that back! 🙂

    Jen x

  14. Rebecca Williams says:

    #cheeseandchive these were always my favourite, they are yummy 🙂

  15. Lorraine Rivers says:


  16. Paul T says:

    For the crisps I’d choose Cheese & Chive. For retro recipes, Black Forest Gateau!

  17. Jaelin Farrow says:

    Arctic roll

  18. Emily Clark says:

    Cheese and chive!

  19. gemma brown says:


  20. Emily Knight says:

    Definitely Marmite for me – I’m slightly addicted to the stuff!

  21. Rebecca Townsend says:

    I really, really want them to bring back the Beef & Onion flavour crisps, they are so scrummy! #VoteBeefOnion

  22. Carol M says:

    I’d love to see toasted cheese make a come back – yum!

  23. I didn’t even realise that Walkers didn’t do the BBQ crisps any more. I use to love those!
    You can’t beat a prawn cocktail too – such a classic.

  24. Megan Adams says:

    Cheese and Pineapple!

  25. Clare H says:

    I agree with prawn cocktail!

  26. Iris W says:

    Vol-au-vents I love puff pastry

  27. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Toasted Cheese for me

  28. Ollie R says:

    Has to be Cheese and Chive.

  29. Deborah says:


  30. lucinda duxbury says:

    vol-au-vents, i love vol-au-vents!

  31. Heather T says:

    Chicken Fricasse

  32. Liam Bishop says:

    Chicken Kievs, I wish they were more popular!

  33. Susan Hall says:

    Lamb and mint

  34. Zoe G says:

    The Beef and Onion

  35. Simon tutthill says:

    Cheese and chive

  36. Wendy Becker says:

    Cheese and Chive my fav,s

  37. christine shelley says:

    I love prawn cocktail and always order it still

  38. Kate Loader says:

    Beef and Onion Crisps followed by an Arctic Roll!

  39. Edward Guerreiro says:

    Old fashioned stuffing. The kind that is mainly sausage meat and nuts, and contains absolutely no fruit, or anything else sweet (I don’t know if this has been a widespread change, but it has been in my house).

  40. Katie Brealey says:

    Cheese and pineapple hedgehogs!!!

  41. hayley berry says:

    Cheese and chives for me

  42. Emma Nixon says:

    Walkers Barbecue crisps.

  43. S Bufton says:

    Lamb & Mint

  44. laura banks says:

    has to be the cheese and chive

  45. Lisa Everaert says:

    Vol-au-vents for sure. Love em

  46. steve moore says:


  47. winnie says:

    toasted cheese

  48. Stacey Melia says:

    Cheese and chive all the way!

  49. Lindsey Stuart says:

    Oh yessss cheese and chive would be amazing!!! I can almost taste them just thinking about them

  50. Jo m welsh says:

    The cheese and Clive

  51. Kim Neville says:

    Cheese and chive

  52. fozia Akhtar says:

    Vol au vents

  53. Barrie Bullock says:

    Cheese & chives for me please.

  54. Siobhan Davis says:

    Bbq Please i could eat bag after bag after bag haha x

  55. Samantha Wheeler says:

    Cheese and Pineapple on sticks – amazing!

    Although for crisps – Beef and Onion, every time!

  56. dean willoughby says:

    Cheese and Chive

  57. Samantha Loughlin says:

    Tomato sauce yummy xx

  58. Caroline H says:

    Of the crisps I’d bring back #cheeseandchive. And talking of crisps I’d love retro salads to make a comeback – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, perhaps a boiled egg and definitely half a peach filled with cottage cheese and crisps on the side.

  59. LondonREC says:

    Cheese and pineapple sticks!

  60. Laura Jeffs says:

    Cheese and Chives was a big favourite of mine 😉

  61. Linda Thorn says:

    I love crisps because they crunch
    And I always have them for my lunch
    So many flavours
    But the best for me
    It’s got to be
    Prawn cocktail, yummy

  62. Kasia says:

    Barbecue crisps

  63. Rebecca T says:

    Cheese and chive is the best one 🙂

  64. Helen Adams says:

    Beef and onion

  65. Jayne T says:

    Jelly and ice cream.

  66. Rich Tyler says:

    Lamb & Mint 🙂

  67. Susan Ellins says:

    Lamb and mint

  68. frances hopkins says:

    Lamb and Mint

  69. Bob Clark says:

    Prawn cocktail

  70. Amanda Hattie says:

    A cocktail sausage on a toothpick with a cube of cheese and a picked onion 🙂

  71. Carole says:

    Angel delight mmmmmm

  72. Beky Austerberry says:

    cheese and chive

  73. Emma Ellams says:

    I’d love to have the Lamb and Mint ones back 🙂

  74. Tracey Peach says:

    Toasted Cheese 🙂

  75. Tania Atfield says:

    Cheese and chive

  76. Yvonne Bradley says:

    Black Forrest gateaux

  77. Karen Hughes says:

    Sorry only like traditional cheeses&onion.x

  78. Helen Hodgson says:

    Baked Alaska – lovely retro dessert

  79. Karen Richards says:

    Beef & Onion

  80. Tamsin Dean says:

    beef and onion, yummy

  81. Fiona R says:

    I love prawn cocktail especially when my mum makes it with salad cream instead of mayo 🙂

  82. Suzanne O'Neill says:

    I remember curry flavoured crips…yum!

  83. Janet Humphrey says:

    The salted ones with the blue envelope….

  84. Paul Scotland says:

    Lamb & Mint

  85. Suzanne Drummond says:


  86. Diane Bowron says:

    Lamb and Mint

  87. kellyjo walters says:


  88. leanne weir says:

    the lamb and mint sounds fab

  89. Julie Booth says:

    lovely moist blackforest gateaux

  90. danielle jupp says:

    beef & onion

  91. I would love to see them bring back Cheese and Chive x

  92. Kim M says:

    Cheese and chive

  93. Olga carpente says:

    Lamb and mint

  94. Ruth Harwood says:

    Ketchup xx

  95. JODIE BEAUMONT says:

    cheese and chive!

  96. Paula Readings says:

    Pickled Onion

  97. Victoria N says:

    Cheese and Chive, yummy!

  98. Rebecca Cusick says:

    Roast chicken definitely!

  99. katrina walsh says:

    Lamb and mint

  100. Michaela Hannah says:

    the lamb and mint yum yum

  101. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Lamb and Mint Crisps. Recipe – Black forest Gateau.

  102. Angela treadway says:

    Cheese and chive x

  103. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    I miss cheese and chive

  104. Heather brannan says:

    Lamb and mint sounds yummy!

  105. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I think barbecue would be my choice

  106. iain maciver says:

    toasted cheese

  107. Laura Baker says:

    Lamb and mint for me

  108. claire griffiths says:

    cheese and chives x

  109. Jon Sellers says:

    Beef and Onion gets my vote

  110. Solange says:

    Beef and Onion.

  111. claire woods says:

    Cheese and Pineapple on sticks

  112. Katie skeoch says:

    Beef & onion would win my vote!

  113. Zach Ohmite Hudson says:

    Lamb and Mint

  114. Amanda Richardson says:

    Toasted Cheese

  115. Leila Benhamida says:

    Cheese and Chive.

  116. charlotte says:

    i love the bbq so its that for me

  117. Sheila Reeves says:

    I’d love to see proper BlackForst Gateaux make a comeback, but not the over sweetened versions you seem to get if it is available in retaurants

  118. esme mccrubb says:


  119. Rey Chunara says:

    The Lamb and Mint

  120. Angela Kelly says:

    I want the Marmite flavour back!

  121. Christina Palmer says:

    I miss the Beef and Onion, it was always my favourite

  122. kate knight says:

    Coc au vin

  123. Denise Whiskin says:

    Beef & Onion for me 🙂

  124. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Pickled Onion 🙂

  125. Sue C says:

    The retro recipe I’d bring back is Black Forest gateau. I know you still see it sometimes but it’s not around nearly as much as it used to be and you can’t beat a choc and cherry combo!

  126. Michelle O'Neill says:


  127. TRACY MANNING says:

    Beef & Onion Lovely x

  128. Cheryl Kean says:

    Barbecue i LOVE them…

  129. kayleigh white says:

    If you’re referring to crisps, I’d like to see Cheese & Chive!

  130. elaine stokes says:

    beef and onion for me

  131. sarah fielding says:

    Cheese and chive

  132. cheryl pearson says:

    Cheese & chive!

  133. Linda Rothen says:

    beef and onion

  134. Andrea A says:

    Cheese and pineapple hedgehogs

  135. Deborah Bird says:

    Lamb and Mint x

  136. Amy B says:

    Lamb and mint!

  137. Victoria Prince says:

    I tried to think of something different, but after reading your recipe all I can think of is Prawn Cocktail! Definitely a retro recipe I would bring back, yum. Coincidentally I was feeling retro and actually made an almost identical meal for my lunch the other week 🙂

  138. Karen R says:

    I’ve been voting for Cheese and Chive 🙂

  139. Emma Price says:

    Can’t beat old Findus Crispy Pancakes. OR an upside down pineapple cake like my nan used to make. Crisp wise then it’s beef and onion!

  140. Layla Thomas says:

    BBQ for me.

  141. Louise Davis says:

    Beef and Onion

  142. Sheri Darby says:

    Cheese and chive please

  143. Jade Hewlett says:

    Beef and onion

  144. Paula Phillips says:

    Marmite flavour.

  145. cat says:

    Prawn cocktail does not need bringing back as they still sell it normally..So beef and onion for my choice

  146. Ali Duke says:

    Definitely Lamb and Mint, love them!

  147. Patricia Avery says:

    Beef and onion 🙂

  148. Susan Hoggett says:

    beef and onion

  149. Daniel Todd says:

    I love cheese and chives

  150. Sarahann Tonner says:

    For crisps, Barbeque! And I’d like to see the original Milky Ways come back!

  151. Becky John says:

    Sausage & Tomato 🙂

  152. Suzanne Brown says:

    Lamb and Mint

  153. ali thorpe says:

    Black Forest Gateau is my favourite! (Crisp-wise. beef and onion or lamb and mint).

  154. Joanna Sawka says:

    Cheese and Chive

  155. Sarah Mills says:

    beef and onion

  156. Ema J Lowe says:

    Toasted cheese, you don’t get normal crisps of these flavour.

  157. jenna rothen says:

    has to be beef and onion

  158. Nancy Bradford says:

    I always like sour cream and chive as a chrisp flavour.

  159. Kelly Hooper says:

    Steak and Onion

  160. ellie spider says:


    I’m a cheese fan 😀

  161. Beef and onion for sure. Yummy!

  162. Robyn Clarke says:

    Lamb and mint

  163. Emma says:

    Beef and onion

  164. Diana says:

    Cheese and chive. Would be my favourite! 🙂

  165. Jane Middleton says:


  166. Kerry W says:

    Tomato ketchup flavour

  167. Jade Missy Evans says:

    I love a good Prawn Cocktail so definitely that! Not so keen on the look of that banana and ham dish though, that can stay in the past for sure!

  168. jamie millard says:

    on the crisps? bbq

    in food – trifle. not had that in years.

  169. Claire Butler says:

    beef & onion

  170. upside down pineapple cake!

  171. Laura Pritchard says:

    Beef & onion, they were lush!

  172. jemma dwyer says:

    lamb and mint x

  173. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    I’d love to bring back the Barbeque crisps – they are yummy!

  174. Laura Nice says:

    Bring back Cheese and Chive!! They were my fav!

  175. zoe somerfield says:

    Beef and onion

  176. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I love prawn cocktail, I’d also like to see Black Forest Gateaux back on the menu!

  177. Adam Berger says:

    I like deserts so ice cream sundae, chocolate, caramel and nuts.

  178. helenRMad says:

    lamb and mint

  179. trevor linvell says:

    Cheese and chive

  180. Barbara Handley says:

    Toasted cheese.

  181. Keshia Esgate says:

    Lamb and mint!

  182. Judi says:

    Been and Onion most definitely

  183. Sarah N says:

    Cheese and chive were my favourites!

  184. Diane Jackson says:

    Used to have something called Grasshopper Pie when I was a kid – like a minty mousse on a choccy biscuit base. It was delicious 😛

  185. Aaron Milne says:

    prawn cocktail – classic

  186. Catherine Gregory says:

    Beef and Onion

  187. Greig spencer says:

    cheese and chive for me

  188. Samantha Atherton says:

    Lamb & Mint gets my vote

  189. Claire Nelson says:

    Cheese and chive

  190. Lindsay Taylor says:

    Bring back prawn cocktail on the menu definitely along with trifle (minus the sponge fingers – they’re gross!)

  191. Ro says:

    Don’t see enough proper traditional trifle!

  192. Vickie Jackson says:

    Walkers crisps wise…. Definitely bbq 🙂

    Retro recipe… Butterscotch tart (the ones you used to get at school!)

  193. Mary Chez says:

    Cheese and Chive

  194. Rachel B says:

    Coronation Chicken

  195. Katherine McDonald says:

    Cheese & Chive

  196. Hannah Igoe says:

    I think marmite

  197. jackie curran says:

    I would like toasted cheese to come back

  198. Lesley Burrows says:

    Oh Beef & Onion , I loved them ,mum x

  199. Monika S says:

    cheese and chive

  200. Sarah B says:

    Cheesy fondue!

  201. Natalie Crossan says:

    Beef & Onion for me xx

  202. Alisa Moore says:

    Black Forest Gateau

  203. viv carey says:

    I would love cheese and chives to come back for good. I can remember when i was younger and me and my nana use to share a packet when we went to feed the ducks 🙂

  204. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Toasted cheese

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