Relaxing In Espadrilles

May 31, 2013

When I think of espadrilles it makes me think of boats. The canvas upper and rope sole are perfect for walking about on the decking. For some reason I always think of these shoes as being navy blue with white stitching, it must be the nautical association.

Choosing some Espadrilles

When I went to look I found that espadrilles come in a wide range of different styles and colours. They can be worn with shorts or a sun dress and because of the canvas upper will keep your feet cool. They are perfect for relaxing in the sun. They also can be squashed easily into a suitcase so are great for taking on holiday.

Espadrilles that caught my eye

The first pair that caught my eye were these Little Marcel espadrilles.

These have a lovely cheerful rainbow stripe that would look perfect on a hot summers day. It also means they would easily match any outfit. I would wear these with khaki shorts and a bright sun vest, perfect for sightseeing.

I also found a pair that was more like traditional sandals, if you wanted something a bit more dressy for the evening. These Pare Gabia Toulque look comfortable but the winding straps add a bit of interest.

These are perfect for a relaxing dinner on the balcony.

My final choice was these Coca-Cola Belina espadrilles.
coca cola espirdrilles

I love the retro look and feel. They are really different but the colours add a light summery feel to the shoe. I think I will probably choose the Little Marcel as I love the rainbow stripes, but it is a difficult choice. Which would you pick?

Disclosure: I was sent vouchers in in return for writing this post but was not told what to write and the opinions are my own.

One response to “Relaxing In Espadrilles”

  1. I like the stripy ones you picture first, they look nice – I love the idea of Coca Cola ones (I have featured those over on Splodz Blogz before) but I’m just not sure about wearing Coke shoes… but then I’ll buy Converse or Dr Martens so why not another brand?!

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