Regenovex Joint Health Range Review

April 10, 2013

Recently we have been having some very cold weather, it is unusual to still be seeing snow in March and April and the winds have been freezing. If you have joint problems the cold weather can make these much worse. My husband has osteoarthritis in his ankle and the cold has meant he is limping badly. I was asked if I wanted to try some of the Regenovex Joint Health range and decided to see if this would help.

Regenovex Joint Health Range

The Regenovex Joint Health range uses two main ingredients which work together to provide an anti-inflammitory effect whilst lubricating and cushioning your joints. The first one is Bionovex Oil which is a marine oil. It comes from green lipped mussels that are found in New Zealand. I was interested by the idea of green lipped mussels so I looked them up to find out a bit more. They are one of the largest mussel species and have a dark shell with a green rim round the edge, hence the name. This oil is used to reduce joint inflammation and pain. To lubricate the joints Hyaluronic acid is used. This is found naturally in the body around joints.
Regenovix joint products label

I was sent a few different products in the range to try, Regenovex Capsules, Regenovex Gel and a Regenovex Patch.

Regenovex Capsules (RRP £23.99 for a pack of 30)

Regnovix capsultes
The Regenovex capsules come in a box with 30 capsules contained in a blister pack. The capsules are brown in colour and are soft and squashy.
Regenovex capsules

They are not too big which makes them much easier to swallow.  It is recommended that one is taken a day. My husband has been taking these for a while now and had noticed a definite improvement in his joint pain. It is not as bad as before he was taking them. He is going to continue taking them for a while and see if it improves more.

Regenovex Gel (RRP £11.29 for 40 ml)

Regenovex gel

The Regenovex Gel is designed to be applied directly to the sore joint and can be applied up to three times a day. It comes in a small pump dispenser which has a little tag that can be placed over the nozzle.

REgenovex gel

When you first use it you have to pump it a few times before any gel comes out, but after that it comes out easily. The gel is slightly yellow in colour and has a slight greasy feel. It also has a very slight fishy smell. It is easy to apply to the joint and sinks in to the skin quite quickly. My husband said this definitely relieved the pain he was feeling.

Regenovex Patch (RRP £2.49 for one)

REgenovex patch

The Regenovex patch is designed to be placed on a joint and can be worn for up to twelve hours. The packet opens easily and the patch is slightly wet on one side and dry on the other. It is flexible and easily wrapped over the joint, staying in place well.  My husband tried this on a day when we had to do lots of walking and noticed that his ankle was not as sore as it would normally be when he got home. He had forgotten he had applied the patch which shows that it was comfortable.

These products did seem to work well, particularly the patch and the gel. My husband said he would try these again. You can find more information on the Regenovex website. Regenovex joint care products can be found in Boots stores nationwide or on-line at and

Disclosure: I was sent some Regenovex product to try out in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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