Ravensburger Indigo Board Game Review

May 4, 2013

I love playing board games with the family. We often get out the snacks and have a board game night. It all gets very competitive with everyone wanting to win. I was very pleased when I was sent the new Ravenburger Indigo board game to try out.


The game is named Indigo after the deep shade of blue obtained from the Indian Indigo plant and the colours in the game are striking. With deep blues, golds and brightly coloured gems it is visually appealing before you even open the box. Inside the box is everything you need to play, the counters, the gems, the board and the hexagonal pathway pieces. Originally the counters and pathway pieces need to be popped out of a cardboard sheet. The box is cleverly designed so the pieces can all be put away in plastic insets so they don’t slip out.

A comprehensive instruction book is also provided, which comes in several different languages. My son was fascinated by this and was trying to find out what the same word was in different languages.

Indigo manual

The game is aimed at age eight and above and can be played by four players. Setting up the board is easy. Each player gets six coloured counters and these are placed in sets of two round the edge of the board. These make the goal posts which you are aiming to reach. In the game below there were two players so we each had three goalposts marked by the red and blue counters.
Indigo board game

There are seven blue hexagonal squares, six are placed round the edge of the board and one in the middle. On each of the edge hexagons a yellow gem is placed. In the middle is a blue gem and six green gems. The aim of the game is to build pathways to get the gems into your goal posts. This is done by picking up the hexagonal route cards, which are face down, and placing them on the board to form a pathway. The players take it in turn to place their route cards. It sounds very simple but it is actually quite tricky. You just think you are about to get a gem into your goal posts when the other player can divert the path toward his goal. If two gems collide on a path then both get removed from the game.

Gems mean points, the more gems you get the more points you get and the person with the most points wins. The blue gem is 3 points, the green ones are worth 2 and the yellows are worth one point.

Indigo is an absorbing strategy game which we really enjoyed playing. When you have finished playing the board almost looks like a work of art with the interconnecting paths spread across it. Every time you play it is different and the more players you have the more complex it is. This is a game we will be getting out on a regular basis as we really enjoyed playing it.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Indigo in order to do an honest review.

3 responses to “Ravensburger Indigo Board Game Review”

  1. 7hippopotamus says:

    Thanks for the review, I’ve not heard of this game before, but my children would love it.

  2. That sounds great – we do exactly the same, especially at weekends we get the 2 little ones in bed, fetch the snacks and play board games with the teenagers. I’ve not heard of this one before, but it sounds ideal 🙂

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