Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District Jigsaw

May 10, 2014

Recently we tackled the Ravensburger happy days at work jigsaw puzzle and we caught the jigsaw puzzle bug. That one was a 500 piece puzzle so when we were asked if we would like the try the Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District jigsaw we jumped at the chance.
Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District The Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District Puzzle is a 1000 piece puzzle which makes it much more of a challenge. It shows a busy village in the lake district which is busy with cars, walkers and people set in the shadow of the mountains. The scene strikes me as being set in the sixties or seventies, due to the style of the cars. The Lake District is an area I love, but have not visited for many years so it was nice to be reminded how pretty it is.

As it was a 1000 piece puzzle my son’s method of dumping all the pieces on the board and trying to fit patterns together did not work. There were far too many pieces to place on the board and still do the jigsaw. I went for my method of sorting out the edge pieces and trying to do these first.

JigsawThe jigsaw is harder than the 500 piece puzzle, there are a lot of pieces that are the same colour. This makes it more of a challenge and more interesting to do. We have not managed to get that far yet but we are working on a little bit each day and really enjoying it. It will give us a real sense of achievement when we finish the puzzle eventually.

Disclosure: We were sent the Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District jigsaw in return for an honest review.

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