Ravensburger Big Ben 3D puzzle

December 15, 2014

You may remember sometime ago I was doing a 1000 Ravensburger Happy Days Lake District Jigsaw puzzle. It took ages, about four months. The family would keep wandering in doing a couple of pieces and then wandering off again. We were determined to finish it and in the end we did. When I was asked if I wanted to review the Ravensburger Big Ben 3D puzzle I was happy to. The family needed a new challenge and having previously tried the Ravensburger Medieval House 3D jigsaw I knew this would not be such a long lasting challenge.  big-ben-4 3D jigsaws are not done in the same way as normal jigsaws. The pieces are made of plastic, some of which bend and interlock to make the corners. Each piece has a number and an arrow on the back and to do the jigsaw you need to join up the numbered pieces in the right order. The arrow tells you where to place the next piece. Having numbered pieces feels a little bit like cheating, but it works really well.

Big Ben 3D jigsawTo attach the jigsaw to the base there are little plastic clips. The other plastic pieces create the top and the sides of the clock face. We set to work building Big Ben. I find the best way is to set up rows of pieces across the table. This means you can search for the numbered pieces and place them in the right places as you go. Once all the lines for a section are complete I then start folding them and putting together the base of the clock.  This method seems to work well.

Big ben 3d puzzleThe base and clock face were quite straight forward. The roof was a little fiddly but in the end Big Ben was complete. The finished puzzle looks really effective  and looks nice sitting on a book shelf. I think it might stay there for a little while.

Big Ben 3D puzzleWe had great fun making Big Ben, my son got involved finding the right pieces and putting them in lines. Building the puzzle is a great way to spend some family time together.

We were sent the Ravensburger Big Ben 3D puzzle in return for an honest review.

8 responses to “Ravensburger Big Ben 3D puzzle”

  1. Wow, that is impressive. I am terrible with puzzles though, I just get bored too easily I think.

  2. Galina V says:

    I love Ravensburger 3d puzzles, a real pleasure to assemble.

  3. a Mitchell says:

    I can’t fix to clips in base, they don’t seem to fix to the base, I’m at a complete loss.

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