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March 6, 2012

Radox have launched a range of spa products that include Bath Soaks, Shower Gels and Shower Scrubs. They are designed to bring the spa into your bathroom, so you can enjoy a pampering and relaxing experience in your own home. At a time when people are having to be careful with money, this is a really nice idea. It is also great if you are a frazzled mum with kids, you can close the bathroom door and indulge in a little bit of pampering time. The products all contain natural ingredients and are aimed at soothing both the body and mind. These products sounded lovely and I was really pleased to be sent some of the range to try. I mean a girl can always use a bit of pampering!

Radox Condition Bath Soak

Radox Condition Bath Soak

This is made with honey, milk and almond oil and is aimed at making skin look its best. I have dry skin and find that almond oil is incredibly beneficial with this. I poured it into the bath and loads of bubbles appeared.

Radox Bubbles

There was a lovely inviting smell as well. I sunk into the bath which was lovely and relaxing and when I got out my skin definitely felt much softer. It is well worth setting some time aside to sink into this bath and enjoy it properly.

Radox Enrich Shower Creme

Radox Enrich Shower Creme

This is a shower creme which contains a blend of coconut oil, hibiscus and frangipani flowers. The creme is white in colour but you can see little flecks of purple which I assume are the flowers. It has a gorgeous and uplifting fragrance.

The creme frothed up really well and it was lovely to have a great clean while breathing in the lovely flowery smell. Although it is a shower creme it worked equally well in the bath. My skin felt lovely and soft after using this creme.

Radox Purify Shower Creme

Radox Purify Shower Creme

This is a blue coloured coloured shower creme which is made from a mix of white clay, milk and lavindin oil. This one is meant to cleanse the skin and remove impurities to leave the skin soft and glowing. Again it has a lovely smell and it is a pleasure to use. It creates a rich foamy lather and has a luxurious feel in the shower, you do feel rather indulgent as you wash with it and breath in the smell. My skin felt soft after use as well.

There are other products in the Radox Spa Range as well as the ones mentioned above. If you are looking for a lovely bath time treat it is definitely worth giving these a go. It adds a bit of pampering to your bath time. They are available in most supermarkets RRP £2.21

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