Radox Creamy Range – Transform your mood

May 21, 2015

How would you like a simple way to change your mood, allowing you to feel calm, romantic, rejuvenated or pampered? Radox are offering a way to do just that with their new Radox Creamy range. Each product in the range contains two active natural ingredients specifically chosen to transform bodies and minds and they are bursting with fresh scents to lift and transform your mood. You can choose to feel calm, feel rejuvenated, feel pampered or feel romantic and each bottle contains the scents to help create the mood in your bathroom.

 Radox creamy rangeThere are four products in the range which offer a range of moods and fragrances, you are sure to find one that will suit you.

Feel Calm

Feel Calm lets you create a calming shower sanctuary. Blended with jojoba oil and soothing camomile it will relax you as you shower, soothing away tensions of the day.

SunsetI always feel calm when I watch the sunrise or sunset. There is something soothing about the way the colours spread across the sky. Each one is individual, some are red, some are golden and each is special. I love watching the colours get stronger and the shapes in the clouds as the sun hits them, then seeing it slowly fade away. Watching a sunset is a great way to relax and makes you forget your troubles.

Feel Romantic

Radox Feel Romantic contains romantic scents of orchid and blueberry will leave your skin feeling loved and remind you of romantic moments in your life.

VeniceIt makes me think of my honeymoon in Italy where we took a ride on a gondola. It is romantic being taken under the bridges, listening to the water lapping around you and feeling the sun on your head whilst looking at the beautiful buildings around you. One day I will visit Italy again.

Feel Pampered

Feel Pampered is a creamy blend of shea butter and ginger to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturised whilst making you feel special.

Whitley Bay LighthouseI always feel pampered when we take a trip on a Sunday afternoon and get dinner out. Whether it is fish and chips by the seaside or Sunday lunch in a country pub it is lovely to be with the family and not have to cook. It gives me a great feeling of contentment.

Feel Rejuvenated

The last in the Radox Creamy range is Feel Rejuvenated which contains orange oil and vitamin E to leave you feeling energised.

King Charles SpanielI always feel rejuvenated when I have been out walking with my dog. There is something about his enthusiasm, he loves to explore the undergrowth and if he sees a bird will happily chase it, then wonder how it flew away. We always discover new things when we are out and the exercise and fresh air makes me feel more alive.

Radox Creamy Range

I love the Radox Creamy Range, the scents are gorgeous and they add an instant lift to my mood. The products are kind to my skin and make it feel softer and moisturised. The products are available in most retailers RRP £2.15. Which of the range would you pick up and why?

I was sent the Radox Creamy range in order to take part in a blogger challenge and write about my experiences of feeling calm, rejuvenated, pampered and romantic. My opinions are my own.


2 responses to “Radox Creamy Range – Transform your mood”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh I do like the sound of these….One for every mood!
    I think at the moment I would need the Feel Rejuvenated one. Yawn! 😀

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