Pure Dehydrated Dog Food Review

August 16, 2017
Pure Pet Food

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Pure Pet Food is a dehydrated dog food made from human grade ingredients. Just add water and watch it rehydrate. Your dog will love it.

Everyone knows that it is important to eat the right food. The food you eat has an impact on your health. Whilst you can choose what you eat, your pet relies on you for their food. Your dog is your best friend. It is important that they eat well so they stay fit and healthy. There is a wide range of different dog foods out there and it can be difficult to choose the best.

Dogs and diet

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Eddie. He is a lovely friendly dog, greeting everyone with a wagging tail and a big smile. Recently he had pancreatitis, a really horrible disease. He had to get taken to dog hospital for treatment. It is horrible to see your dog in pain. He was in a little cage unable to move apart from a small wag of his tail. Fortunately he is now fine. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Since then we have had to be really careful with his diet. It has to be low fat to prevent the disease reoccurring. This causes a number of problems:

As a result I have been feeding him a diet of home made chicken and pasta. Whilst he will eat this I do worry that it is not the best diet for him. He will eat some dried dog food but this has to be hand fed to him, a piece at a time. I need to find a food that he likes. When Pure Pet Food got in touch to ask if Eddie would like to try some of their dehydrated dog food I was happy to let him try it.

Pure Dehydrated Dog Food

Pure pet food is a different type of dog food. Normally dog food comes in two types, wet and dry. Wet food comes in tins and dry dog food is in kibble form. For both of these it is hard to work out what is actually in them and how good for your dog they are. Pure dog food began in 2012 with two entrepreneurs who even appeared on Dragon’s Den. They believe that you shouldn’t feed your dog something you wouldn’t eat yourself. This belief led to the creation of Pure pet food.

Pure Pet Food

To make Pure dog food meat and vegetables are prepared and then gently heated to dehydrate them. This process removes all the moisture from the food. This locks in the goodness whilst preserving the nutrients. The dog food comes in a 2kg packet which will make 8kg of dog food. Simply scoop out the food, add water and watch it rehydrate. The food is 100% British, made in Yorkshire and is suitable for all dogs.

After opening Pure dog food it will keep for twelve months if kept in a cool dark place. Rehydrated food will last up to forty eight hours but should be kept in the fridge. It is best to make it just before feeding so your dog can enjoy it fresh.

Trying out Pure Pet Food

Pure Pet Food have done a great job with the packaging. The back of the packet indicates how much food you should use. This takes into account your dogs weight and activity levels so you know the right amount. Inside the pack the dehydrated dog food is in a plastic bag. There is also a clip so you can close the bag once you open it. To help you measure the right amount of food there is a plastic scoop. The box is a really handy size to store as well.

Pure dehydrated dog food

When trying a new dog food it is always best to introduce your dog to it gradually. This allows your dog time to adjust to the new food. To start with I tried half a scoop of the food. Once you add the food to the bowl you just add warm water and mix. The food needs to sit for around fifteen minutes to rehydrate. After this is has a firmer consistency and you can see the bits of vegetables.

Pure dehydrated dog food

Eddie got all excited waiting for the food to rehydrate. He could obviously smell something nice. When I put the food down for him he sniffed it. At first he wasn’t sure but then he ate it all up quickly. This is a great result as he is normally very fussy.

Pure dog food

Flavours of Pure Pet Food

The complete recipes of Pure dog food come different flavours so there is bound to be one to suit your dog. The flavours are:

Eddie tried Turkey Terrific which is a super sensitive recipe for fussy dogs. It is also suitable for dogs that have had pancreatitis. The boxes come in differing sizes. The smallest is 500g which makes 2kg of food and the largest is 4kg which makes 16kg of food. The 2kg box we were sent is RRP £32.99. This makes 8kg of food.

What we thought of Pure Pet Food

I really like the convenience of Pure Pet Food. The box is really easy to store and the food is quick to make when your dog needs it. I am happy that I am feeding Eddie with high quality food that he likes. We are still introducing the food into his diet gradually but so far it has gone well. The food is slightly more pricey than normal dog food. However it works out cheaper than feeding the dog chicken and pasta.

Eddie is happy with the food and is excited when he sees me making it. He eats it pretty much straight away which is great. He has been know to ignore food for ages if he doesn’t like it. So far Pure dehydrated dog food is working out great for us.

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