Pilgrims Choice Cheese New Range

February 14, 2012

I am a great cheese lover and we always have lots of different types of cheese on the go in our house. We love trying new cheeses to see what they are like and I was very excited to learn that Pilgrims Choice was getting a brand new look and introducing a new cheese into its range. The new cheese is Pilgrims Choice Lighter Extra Mature. It is already an award winning cheese which was selected as one of the world’s best 16 cheeses at the World Cheese Awards last year and as well as that it contains 30% less fat.

I was more than delighted when all this cheese turned up at my house for me to review. In fact I was in cheese heaven, I did not know where to start! They all sounded fabulous and I love the packaging. The descriptions of the cheese on each packet really draws you in and makes you want to start eating it straight away. It does not just say Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar, for example, it says Pilgrims Choice Superbly Smooth Rich Mature Cheddar which sounds delicious.

Pilgrims Choice Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar

This is described as a distinctive crumbly and tangy farmhouse vintage cheddar and it lives up to its name. It is crumbly but not so crumbly that it falls into crumbs when you are chopping it into slices.  It has a lovely taste which is distinctive, tangy but not too tangy. This would be perfect in a ploughman’s lunch with a drop of chutney. I think this was my favourite of all the choices but it was a hard decision.

Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Cheddar

With the billing a wonderfully strong and punchy extra mature cheddar on the pack, I was worried that this might be a little bit too strong for my tastes.  I was pleasantly surprised, it has a really nice taste with slightly sweet overtones.  It is rich and tangy but very nicely so and is a cheese that will definitely set off a sandwich. It also made a really nice cauliflower cheese and would be a welcome addition to any fridge. Apparently it is matured for around 12 months which is why it is extra mature. My son found this one a little bit tangy so it is maybe  more for grown-ups.

Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar

Apparently this is a superbly smooth and rich Mature Cheddar which sounds lovely. This one is only matured for nine months which so it is not as mature as the extra mature Cheddar. It has a lovely mellow taste and is the perfect everyday cheese. This worked really well grated on top of baked potatoes, in sandwiches and just to nibble at when you fancy a slice of cheese. This one went down well with all the family.

Pilgrims Choice Lighter Extra Mature Cheese

This is described as a wonderfully strong and punchy extra mature cheese and is very similar in taste to the Pilgirms Choice Extra Mature Cheddar. It is also matured for twelve months and the main difference is the fact that it contains 30% less fat as it is made with a blend of skimmed and full fat milk. If you are looking for less fat with all the taste of a an extra mature cheese  you can not go wrong with this choice.

Pilgrims Choice Lighter Mature Cheese

Pilgirms Choice superbly smooth and rich lighter mature cheese  is the lower fat version of the Mature Cheddar. It has the same lovely rich and smooth taste but 30% less fat. If you are watching your weight this is an ideal choice to have in the fridge as it is good for everyday use and tastes lovely. You would never realise it has less fat as it tastes the same as the other version.

I really enjoyed all these cheeses and will definitely be getting them again. My favourite is the Pilgrims Choice Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar but for a great everyday cheese the whole family love then the Mature Cheddar or the Lighter Mature Cheddar is a good choice. If you like a bit of tang with your cheese the Extra Mature Cheddar is the one for you.
For more information:  http://www.pilgrimschoice.com/our-cheese

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